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How dows the reputation work?

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What does adding to a person reputation do? How does it work and what does giving points do? I'm not even shore if they do anything? Just a newbie with questions. Thanks for your help.
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It is an underused feature of the forums. I always use it to add points to the posters that include good pics of Qview and for those that make good points or go out of the way to look stuff up for others.

I beleive the reputation is displayed under the user's info on right side top of post as green bars. We all start off with one. As reputation increases, so does the bar.

I just gave you points for asking a GODD question. points.gif If anyone else has wondered how to give points to a poster, click on the justice scales on top right corner of post and the rest is self explanatory.
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Thanks for the info!

Thanks for the information Racey points.gifto as well!!
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Thank you kind sir! :) points.gif
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Just making posts will not get you points here and it shouldnt. Hanging out in roll call and telling everyone hello just to get posts doesnt work. You really have to step up and do something extra, really help someone out, take some good pics of a smoke from start to finish, what rub did you use. Try something diff, get out of the box a little, rub a pork butt with some Koolaid. Dont be a know it all and remember to have fun when your cooking.

Now when receiving points remember that the higher the reputation a person has the more points you get when they give them.we do not decide how many to give just that some peoples are worth more..Dont know exactly how many but Pineywoods or ALX awards more points at a time than I do (Hope to change that soon.. HA) I like the way the points work here and I do not think its under used. I have worked very hard for mine and I also think I participate a bunch. I dont always have time to just sit in here and post replies about evreything but when I see something that deserves points...I give them...

There is a detail thread here that explains the rep system. Im having some internet issues at the moment so I cannot search for it but do a search and you can locate it...The other guys will be in soon enough to give you some feed back on this...Keep it thin and Blue
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