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How long does it take you to.....

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How long does it take you guys to smoke a kielbasa style sausage? Mine yesterday about broke me. I started around 10 in the moning and finished up at about 2am. I had steady temps at 140ish for 3 hours with smoke then cranked it to 165ish till done. Man it sure seams like it took WAY to long. I was also doing summer sausage as well. Just curious what your times are like...icon_question.gif
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Never done either but I cant believe your thermometers are correct. Laws of physics cant be wrong, there is something else to blame.
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That seems about right to me, especially with the summer sausage which would take much longer than the polish. It's those last 10 degrees that take the longest. I cut my time in half by steaming the sausage once their internal temp reaches 142-145. Once I apply steam, they are usually done in 20-30 minutes. I have a burner inside my smoker for the sawdust, once temps are reached I take off the sawdust and put on a pot of boiling water and steam them till 152-155.

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Yes the steam works, and also the steam will help reduce shrinkage
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WOW..that's good to know.....I may give that a go for the next batch
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I was useing a water pan with my last batch..Thanks for all the in put.
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I smoked venison kielbasa last month, it took about 14-16 hours, not sure exactly how long it was but it was a late night.
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Usually 10- 12 hours but I take mine out of the fridge an hour or two and let air dry before smoking so they aren't ice cold when I start.
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Did some polish in the oven yesterday, took about 8 hours at 170, brushed some hickory liquid smoke on them before I put them in and put a pot of water in the bottom, they turned out awesome, really nice red color and great smell and taste, everyone that tried them thought they were smoked, never had a clue I did them in the oven :)
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