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Look What I Just Bought For $50.00 off Craig's List

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I just bought this tonight for $50.00, how is that for a deal...
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Paul you are on top of it brother....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Congrats Paul! You will love it!
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That's a real good deal. Congrats.
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I'll post pics when I pick it up...
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I had the identical model when Joe Davidson (Oklahoma Joe's) built it before they sold it to New Braunfels. Now, here's the deal. IF that smoker is 10 years old, it could be an Okie Joes and there's a world of difference between those and the New Braunfels model. You will instantly know. If you can pick it up, it's New Braunfels.

This is the smoker Joe Davidson had out by his pool. I loved it. You can BBQ, smoke, and if I remember you can flame grill too by setting a grate over the fire box if it isn't there now.

You got a great buy!

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Luky Dawg!!!
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You lucky SOB...It does make me miss living in bigger town...great find my man !PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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$50? Hot damn what a deal!

Shame for the person, 3 kids decided to go vegetarian?
Hmmm.....borderline pallet abuse right there.

Good luck with the new smoker Paul, have no doubt you will love it.
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He shoots,,,,,,He scores!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

But I am not jealous or anything mad.gif
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That's a great deal, Paul! I'd buy it even though I'm happy with my SMV.
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I got one just like that but I didn't have a choice.
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Got the wife and a couple helpers going to get it now...

The guy said it weighs about 400lbs so it must be one of the real early ones...

I even threw him in a ECB I had in the garage it was a Brinkmann Gourmet...

Now i still have 3 more of the ecb s to get rid of and that should get the wife off my back for a while...
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Sgt Willims, KCPD...we hear there was a robbery of a smoker...

Well done Sir Paul!
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Here's I have to put up with around here...

I thought about sending an email to them letting them know that a brand new, in the box unit is only $79 (no sales tax) at Lowe's, but what's the point?
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I just gave the guy one of the Brinkmann's I have that hasn't been used in 5-6 years. That guy is either an idiot or thinks someone else is... You can get used Brinkmann ecb s off Craig s list for 15-20 dollars here... Hell Freecycle has them all the time for Free...
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Sweet deal Paul. I've check craigs almost every day for a year and never seen anythig worth buying
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