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Sausage grinding/stuffing table

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I built a grinding table over the past couple weeks and thought to post the results here. After last years sausage and salami escapades I figured this could only make things better.

First, framing it up.

After locating the position the grinder and drive works would be, I marked everything, trimmed the 4xs to length and installed the table top.

For strength the 4x4 mounting blocks and table top were bonded with construction addhesive prior to nailing. Once the top and bottom was cured layout, drilling and mounting of the mechanical assemblies was done.

Still looking a little rough the table was then painted and some electrical outlests and accessories were installed.

After using this table with all said & done the grinder centered on the table and the stuffer situated next to it work out well. It creates two sides of operation. One side for grinding and mixing and the other for stuffing. Niether accessory seems to be in the way of the other and the locallity of the spices makes mixing recipes a breeze. The added elecrtical outlets are a must as this would really have been a pain in the ass mixing spices without them. all & all I'd say it's a winner and makes sausage making a much simpler task.
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DangerDan, very sweet set up! I'm used to working off of butcher paper covered plywood over sawhorses... you've got a cadillac. Nice craftsman ship and tools.

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Wow I was pretty impressed with my stainless till I saw this.
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Good looking project. Great quality of construction too. I bet that really makes the process easier. Love the spice racks and work space.

What is the ratio of the pulleys? How many RPM is the drive motor?

Just watch loose articles of clothing and keep your digits close...I know your name is DangerDan, but please stay safe!
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Great job DD.Many years of happiness to come on that sweet set-up....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yeah I been getting some guff over the guard. My daughter wants to make sausages with me so that'll be the next addition. I had planned to just point the pulleys toward the wall but yeah, a gurad would be nice I reckon.
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Great job Dan.
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Nice looking table, Dan. Thanks for the pics.
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Do yourself a favor and build a simple guard for your belt. Bad enough ur takin ur chances with the large hopper, no need to get urself caught up in the belt and flywheel. I also use the same type of grinder that you are usin, and I love mine. But there a potiential danger without some saftey devices.
By the way I have a guard for my flywheel, but I need to come up with something for my hopper. Working these is kinda like runnin a chain saw (ya take your chances)
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What he said. I believe in Sod's Law - you put the safety mechanisms in place you won't need them - you don't & you will.
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All in how ya feed it as to how much it gunna eat...biggrin.gif
I use a pusher and cut stripped meat rather than chunks for the most part. Yeah I heard plenty about the guard, maybe soon.
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Nice Table, Looks like it is set up perfectly...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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If I remember right I think it was Pineywoods who bought a hopper with a guard attached for his grinder that clamped on the throat, so you couldn't get your fingers into it - it was stainless steel and did a good job. Don't know if it was before or after the crash, I'll see if I can find the thread.
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Ah how well I can't remember anything, lol! It was MossyMo, not Pineywoods, here's the link:


pretty neat hopper and far enough away so fingers can't get near trouble.
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Man great looking job on the table..I got a many a stink eyes on my sausage adventure at home from the BOSS Lady...Man shes tough...I cant understand why in world she would think that 50 pounds of raw meat and pig guts in the kitchen is a bad thing...Gotta do something like this myself..Thanks for posting
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Nice set up Dan!
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You can find them here...

EDIT: Sausage maker has a better price and looks to be better setup...
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Very nice job there DD. You will have that thing for a while too it is very well made and those 4x4's will hold up the car if you need.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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nice looken setup ya got there Dan PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
guff guff guff guard it please for the families sake.
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