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Adding a thermometer

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I have a brinkman electric smoker and for some reason brinkman didn't feel it needed a temperature gauge. Is it feasible to add a thermometer to it? Any suggestions?
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If it had come with a built in thermo, You'd throw it away anyways. They are notoriously inaccurate. I'd look into a ET-73 from maverick. it's a dual probe remote thermometer so you can watch the smoker temp and the meat at the same time.

link to ET-73
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If you decide to add a thermo, check out this site for some ideas.
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You can find about any kind of thermometer here...
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Thanks I'll give it a try.
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From Brinkmann's FAQ Site.

Well, now you know why. But I think you are most certainly wise to get a thermo so you know what temp you're cooking at.

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