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A great debate this is! Good to see all the different opinions and methods. I would have to agree with the "well done" crowd. I've mentioned before that we have always slaughtered and butchered our own beef and pork. This goes waaay back in my family, so does "cook your pork and chicken well done.." I've seen it done personally and on cooking shows where they serve under-cooked pork, and if I'm there, I gratiously decline. Any one whose ever explored the innerrds of a swine would readily understand.

On to the cooking. Did one a couple of weeks ago where I marinated the loin in a Kraft Sundried Tomato dressing for a couple of days (sounds like you don't have this kinda time), then seasoned with what my dad had on hand (wasn't home and didn't have my rub), then wrapped in bacon and and it turned out great. Was cooking it in a UDS at high temp, 300 - 400, for about 2 1/2 hours (was cut into four pieces and suspended like I do tri-tip).

Good luck - share with us what ever you decide on.
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140, 165, the important part is as long as you have a delicious, juicy piece of smoked Heavenly goodness, now THAT is the most important thing.
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That sounds awesome
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Well, the cook was a overwhelming success. I will do more of these in the future. When I pulled them they ranged from 150 to 170 with the majority around 155. The total cook time was 6.5 hrs at 250. No marinade and covered with bacon cooked over apple. 3 different women who I consider very good cooks were asking me how did I get pork loins so tender and juicy. The one that went to 170 was hard to keep together while cutting so I decided to try pulling it and there was none of it left over. I guess the temp debate is still not settled because all 8 pieces came out better than I could have hoped. Sorry no pics, the camera is MIA at the moment. Also did chicken legs and bologna steaks for munching on during the night. Thanks for all the input , suggestions, and advice.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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