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How many injection points?

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I can't seem to find information on just how many times you want to poke holes in your bird. I am assuming as little as possible but where are the most favorable injection spots to get max flavor with minimum holes?

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I go in from the top of each side of the breast then again 2 in the back then usually one in each thigh and sometimes one in each leg but the holes will pretty much seal themselves back up after you are done injecting, for the most part anyway.

*Forgot to mention, I also massage the meat after injecting it but before removing the needle tip, this way I can distribute the injection a bit more thoroughly and by doing this with the tip still in it will help prevent liquid from squirting out of the hole.
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Here's one from Cajun Injector. I personally only poke each breast once on small birds but maybe two or three per side on the larger ones and very rare do I inject the thighs. The amount varies but when I see the meat start to rise I usually stop.
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Each hole you make should be the source for several injections. You want to use that same entry point for many different angles. You could skip injecting all together and just brine.
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I do like racey said and use each hole for 2 or 3 injections by just moving the needle arounds. I like the injection meathods by the cajun site but IU like to use alitle more then they recommand. I usaully don't leave to much bird uninjected.
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Breast, legs an thighs er the ones I do.
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I inject like a water show at a Las Vegas casino. Thats how I roll. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Thanks for the tips guys. I have a 10lb bird in a brine as I speak. When I get home from work it will be getting the injections then into the smoker. It is early but I wanted to try some new methods to possibly use next week.
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