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Offset Mods

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I have been following the threads for modifying the low end offset smokers like the Char-Griller, Silver Smoker and Smoking Pit and have found them very informative as I am looking into this type of purchase. Yes, the MES is going back. I have also looked online at Yoders and Horizons. These are made of 1/4" rolled steel vs. 14 gage or less.

The question is, do these also require the same modifications to them, such as baffle at firebox inlet to smokebox, tuning plates, exhaust pipe extension, etc?
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Depending on the model you get...the higher quality ones will usually have a baffle welded on already. I have a brinkmann cimmaron and it does have the baffle, but the chimeny does not go all the way down to grate level so I could do that mod but I have not. The turning plates would be an option too. I usually have a couple drip pans under my food and that tends to spread the heat out pretty evenly over the entire cooking chamber. My cimmaron is not that big either so I can get away with using the drip pans.
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I have a Horizon with their convection plate with no other mods. I can dial it in within a few degree from one side to the other.

It's my opinion the smokers of thicker gauge steel do not need the amount of mods the thinner one do. Then again they cost a lot more also.
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Don't know the model you are looking at,but the 1/4" metal, you have already moved to a better smoker!
There will be, however someone come by soon that has one like you are looking to buySend pics and congratulations.
Send Q-view of it also.....

Good luck,and
Stan aka Old School :)-
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RickW, nice looking unit there. Is that the 20" model?
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Thank You.

Yes it is. It's the back yard model with some upgrades.
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What type of upgrades does it have? Are these your own or from Horizon?
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They were done by Horizon.

It has the fire box warming tray, counter weight for the cooking chamber, dual therms, the sliding convection plate and a second shelf.
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RickW, is there a dealer local to you, or did you order from Horizon?
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I ordered it directly from Horizon. They were great folks to deal with. They always had time to answer any and all questions I had.
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thats what i want some day wow.
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