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How long to smoke a turkey?

Hi folks. I just started smoking a 17# turkey this morning about 3 1/2 hours ago and the breast is already at 160 degrees. I am trying for 275 in the smoker but it has not gotten to over 225 yet and I keep opening the door to baste my turkey. This drops the smoker temp down to 195 or so for a bit. Is this normal cooking time for a big bird? I thought I would have to smoke this over 10 hours to get to the target temp. I am worried about an underdone bird. I have put my thermometer both in the inner thigh and the breast with similar temp results.
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clintconaway;385815]are you sure your therm is correct I smoked a 3lb breast at 225 and it took around 4.5hrs
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I am not positive, all I have is a digital oven thermometer with a probe.
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Sorry guys, just now getting back to reading the responses. This is going to my wife's class of 4 year olds, no kitchen to reheat the bird in. Sounds like the safest bet would be to smoke it Sunday evening, frig it after it rest, and slice it Monday morning to pack in ice to take to school. I don't want to risk getting the kids sick, so this might be best. I also plan to smoke a turkey for the office to eat on Tuesday. I thought I would do them both on Sunday evening, since I will be firing up the smoker anyway. I may just serve the one at the office clod also. Reheating may cause it to dry out I guess??? Or would it? I have an oven at the office I could reheat in.
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I think you've made the right choice. Just remember when reheating, you aren't cookin, your reheating. Don't rush it and don't take it to a temp that will cook anymore of the moisture out of it. Should be delicious. If it looks like it is going to be dry, I would spritz a little chicken broth on it while it's heating up. If it comes out of the smoker juicy, and you heat it up slow and not too hot or long, it will stay juicy.
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