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sweet, thanks for the heads up just ordered one, 145 and change. i read on here somewhere that the 3/8" tube from butcher packer will fit this stuffer, can anyone verify this? as always thanks in advance.
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I have the same unit. Metal gears. The smaller ones like the 5lb unit I think are nylon but the 15lb is metal. Nice unit!
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i had it the first time at 135 then left and tried again and it was 145 not sure what happened i used both checkout codes
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ohh god i just ordered one $144 and change. but i think this will be much easier than the 5 lb one, and hell i only paid $50 for my grinder so i am not in too deep yet. it says like twice that the gears are nylon i hope they are metal?
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Thanks for the Heads-Up!

Just ordered one too.

Also ordered the 17lb. Mixer - Tired of COLD Hands!!!

15lb. stuffers are now on Backorder", but I can wait. Got a 5lb stuffer with nylon gears to use for now.



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I have the exact one from GanderMtn and they are metal gears. I have been very happy with ours we have used it for several years now. I just wish I would have got mine at that price. haha
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i am confused on butcher packer it shows 3/8,1/2 and 3/4 in stuffing tubes and each 3 peice set includes 3 different sizes? so does the 3/8 mean the end that connects to stuffer? not the size of jerky or snack stick casings? right?
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the 3/8" is where the casing slides on {for small snack stix} not the stuffer side. problem is ,the gander stuffer doesnt come with a 3/8". so we need to find a 3/8" tube that will fit this particular model [stuffer side].
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well why does the picture show three different sized tubes that are 3/8" how could they be all the same size? you dig? or am i being braindead?
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yeah i see, i think it should be showing a pic of just one tube [ the smallest] for that price, i think the set of three is 40 something
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that makes sence thats bs that they show 3, 20$ for one damn thats too much
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just called gander, the stuffers are on backorder, thats bs, the site said in stock.
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Here's the link to the 15lb. stuffer for $159.99 - "SOLD OUT"

I called customer service this morning to verify my backordered item would still be honored and shipped.

A few Gander retail stores have them in-stock for $159.99

I just received a $20 Off $100 Code = GM11WL23


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sorry to tell you but i just called those sorry asses to see where my order was since they are too ****ing stupid to email me and tell me the bad news that they discontinued that stuffer and i wont be getting it but i have been charged for the ****in thing already and now i am the ****ing idiot
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sorry about your luck, there customer service was very good to us when we called about a dent in our grinder, we worked out a deal to get another $50 off.

if you need to you could prolly get your credit card company involved but thats a last resort
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Gander yanked their ads for the 15lb stuffer and the 3/4hp grinder.

Said they were sending letters to us telling us that the 15lb stuffers would not ship and we would receive refunds.

I've spent over $1,000 at Gander over the past month.


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well it seems im in the same boat, maybe look at northerns 15 lb stuffer.
another fine experience with gander for me.
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