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I bought two buckets from a local donut shop that fit in the cooler. Lysol them well, insert the brine and turkey, cover, and pack the cooler with ice but not in the brine.
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Dude, LYSOL.....your brave! I have 2 coolers that are dedicated briners. I just wash them out with dish soap and warm water and let them dry out naturally. I pack mine with ice in the solution and I know they are in the low 30* with my thermometer. Safe and sound.
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If ya feel the need fer addtional cleanin a yer brine conatainer, wash with hot soapy water, hot rinse then mix up 1 part chlorine bleach ta 9 parts water an spray it on. Let is set fer 10 minutes an rinse with hot water.
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You beat me to it Tip.
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WOW! You people are sure gonna make me learn whats up with STUFF. I am so so glad I joined this board. Thank you for all the help and please have a great bird day. I think I'm going to. After things settle down a bit I will stop by roll call and get better aquainted with you all. Thankyou ALL again for the heads up on brining my bird without a fridge. ....roli
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Oven bags take cold well too...I haven't done a cost analysis, but I brine turkey in an oven bag. Stick that puppy in a crockpot crock in the fridge. When I needed a water pan for my first smoker--ecb electric--I got a crock from goodwill for $4, if ya need an extra crock.
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I use a 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot or Lowes. It is used only for brining so it stays clean. You can buy a clean bucket for about $3. It will fit in my beer fridge when i take out a shelf.

If your bird is frozen or partially frozen, it helps chill the water quickly as well. I leave the top on the bucket loose so cold air can enter quicker.
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Ya wanna be carefull with non-food grade buckets, ya never know what there made of er what could leach out them. Food grade buckets can be had fer free from many resteraunts an such. I got 5 gallon ones that had pickles in em an 2 an 3 gallon buckets with lids from the bakery at the local super mart.
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Sage advice. Same thing with "trashbag" brining. FOOD GRADE plastics only folks.
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If you don't have room in your fridge for the bucket(s) ,you can can leave enough room for ice on top of the brining turkey and put the lid on. Keeps it plenty cold. Or as a last resort, you could dry brine, which you only need enough room in the fridge for the turkey(s) in a oven bag(s).
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