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Burnt Ends- First Try At 'Em

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Yesterday I tried my hand at burnt ends for the first time. Great stuff!

I separated the point from the flat for my pastrami, and the plan was to use the point for burnt ends. You can take a look at the Pastrami thread here:

Rubbed the point with my house-rub and put it on the SnP at around 225 over alderwood. Here it is a couple hours into the smoke-

Once it reached 180 I pulled it out, poured 1/2 cup apple juice over it, then covered it and let it rest for about 1/2 hr-

Then I cubed it up into pieces about 1 inch or so-

Didn't rub them again, but went straight to the BBQ sauce. I used Curley's Mesquite sauce cause the alderwood I was smoking over was really too mild for this-

Back into the smoker for 3 hours. They came out tender as can be and amazingly juicy.

I took about half of them and vacuum bagged them for chili later on. Into the freezer and when the winter really hits, they are coming out!

Got to say they were excellent and if you're making a brisket or 'strami from a packer this is the way to go with the point. Going to be a standard around here from now on!

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Wow those look great...Love that Curley's and you're gonna really love those ends when you pull them out this winter!
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very, very nice, john! points for trying something new!
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Burnt ends are SO good. Yours look delectable ! great job
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I just happen to be pulling a brisket/pastrami out today for a good smoke and some boiled corned beef too. I'll start soem Qview now that the camera has made it way back from Germany.
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Looks great!

Rivet that looks incredible! I am about 6-8 hours away from chopping up saucing and back in they will go for my first burnt ends. I hope they come out as great as your look!
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Those look great!
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The Burnt Ends Look Awesome John, Great Job...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great John.You should add this to the sticky on burnt ends....Only a few examples in the sticky and so many ways to do it....
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Burnt ends were picture perfect, excellent job!
Looks like you did them great justice!
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Good looking burnt ends!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Looks great Rivet! I really gotta do this.......
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Rivet, they would have never made it to the freezer around here. Love them on white bread or buns... You did a great job!
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I gotta throw a brisket on when I do my pastrami, looking at those burnt ends over and over, they are driving me wild.

Centex, nice avatar of Data from ID4
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WOW those look good! Got to try'em
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didnt know that burnt ends was so easy or I should say you make it look easy. good looking food
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Great looking Rivet. As said below, those never would have made it to the freezer here either LOL. Burnt ends, don't get any better than them. Great job.
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Thanks to all you all for the encouragement!

It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be and so tasty it's a wonder some restaurant chain hasn't started making a substandard knock-off.

Definitely found a perfect use for the brisket-point from now on. Thanks to all of you who've posted on them before...you finally got me to make them!

Next up is a chili, using the burnt ends as a compliment to the overall dish. Without a doubt, dutch-oven cookery here. Looking forward to it. I think it's going to be good....
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When I made burnt ends chili a little while back it was great but there wasn't enough meat, I mean there was because of the burnt ends but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I wish I had added something like shredded chuckie to add so I would get more than just one chunk of meat with each bite.
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I completely understand and my plan is to make the chili heavy on the meat, with the burnt ends as a "seasoning meat" mixed in the pot. This is going to be a chili without beans, so the plan is to have about 3 different cuts/types of meat in it.

Found a recipe for a bean-less chili that I am dying to try out!
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