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Wow that looks neat. Its got a sort of hothambgerdog thing going on.
If it works out you could sell them at baseball games for mega bux. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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More Q more Q more Q please that look awesome and really yummy too. If that doesn't stop your heart you'll be here a while then. Plaese tell us how it came out.
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Sorry wasn't trying to be a was from a old smoke. I was testing out photobucket with upload size. But this fattie did turn out great. One of my favorites. Just a regular chili hot dog loaded with cheese. give her a shot.
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I take that back I did post pics of this up. and even have a sliced picture heres the link
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quick question to all. Do you need to scroll to see my pics ? I do not need to but I am wondering if on other peoples computers they do. I try to keep them as good as i can but I can down size them if needed. thanks
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I need to scroll about a 1/2 an inch and I have a 21 inch monitor
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see that is crazy I have a 14" and i don't need to. I guess I will start changing the size when downloading to photobucket....because I hate scrolling my self.
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Yup. But it's no big deal. I'm working with a MacBook & I just use two fingertips on the touch pad to move things around.
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are you cereal right now?
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I don't need to scroll but I have a 24" wide screen monitor.

If you upload to Photobucket at the large setting that will upload your images at 640x480 and people shouldn't have to scroll...
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ya I change my settings
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