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my mods on my snp

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as my pics show i did some mods to my snp, to try and control my temp to a more steady reading and also to use less charcoal

i did find a "grate" at HomeDepot for the fire box i wanted some thing with smaller holes to keep the coal up longer and too burn more of it before it dropped to the bottom. i did have to cut some of the ends to make it fit but it works great .

Next i used the "plate" method in the bottom of the smoker and the deflector to "push" the heat down and across to maintain heat from one side to the other. I did use a lot thicker metal at 3/8 of an inch , it did take longer to heat up but once it got there i had no problem keeping hot and close to the 210 to240 i like to smoke at.

i would like to thank everyones input about the mods to the snp and i learned a lot !!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

i have pics to show !!!

thanks too all, especially Rivet !!!!!
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Hi Raven,

not quite sure how your manifold- or smoking chamber- set up is... are those three separate pieces of metal?

In your firebox, couldn't quite see your grate; looks like simply a rack that your coals are on. Is it underneath them? By the looks of your ash picture, apparently it's working, so congrats to you!

Glad your ideas are helping you out~ now lets see some q-vue! biggrin.gif
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