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Time/Temp for chuckie

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I just bought a 3.8 lb. chuckie, and I'm about to put it in the smoker. I'm going to rub it like I would a brisket, but I didn't know about what temperature to carry it to. I know that briskets are often carried to around 175-180F for slicing, but I was wondering if a chuckie should be carried to about the same temperature (for slicing). Also, is a chuckie 1.5-2 hours per pound (like a brisket) at 225-250F?

By the way, Q-View to come.

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you are about right on everything you have said. A chuckie will not stall near as long as a brisket. Slicing and pulling temps on change by the type of meat you are cooking. Or this is what I have found so beef is usually the same as any beef, pork the same as other pork. This is just what I have found
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Times (1.5-2) is about right running at those temps.
If you are planning on slicing then 190-195 would be ideal and then 205 for pulling.
Got 2 chuckies I'm getting ready to throw on myself, bringing them both to 205 because a shredded chuckie is like a little piece of smoked Heaven PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif
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Here is some initial Q-View. First is roast still in packaging, and second is rubbed down ready for the smoker. Wife just took the camera, so no more Q-View until she gets back home.icon_mad.gif
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Yes you have a good plan so far and like fire/ jimi said I would take it to about 190-195 for slicing that way it will still be tender but stiff enough to slice.
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Ok folks. Thanks for the advice up to this point. After 2 hours, my internal temperature is 136F. How does this sound? After I'm sure it's through the stall (given that a stall occurs), i.e., maybe around 165F or so, make up a gravy mixture and put the chuckie in the gravy mixture (completely covered with gravy) in a pan in the smoker and carry it to 190-195? My thinking is that after it hits the 190-195 temperature, then I let it rest (out of the gravy) for 30-60 minutes, slice it, and put the slices back into the gravy (until served). Thoughts?
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You mean like a thick gravy?
Not sure how that would work with the meat in it. Done that with broths many times but never tried it with a gravy.
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Don't have any broths in the cupboard. Perhaps I could thin it out. Thoughts?
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I mean technically you don't have to put it in any kind of a cooking liquid.
Personally I would wrap it at 160, bring to whatever finishing temp and then into the gravy which I would toss in the smoker by itself for a few hours to pick up some smoke flavor, also any juices that are leftover if you wrap in foil could be whisked into the gravy.
My concern with putting it in the gravy is that the gravy could get oversmoked if in for too long and with a thick coating on it the chuckie itself probably wouldn't pick up any more smoke flavor since it would get absorbed by the gravy.
Not that any of it is a bad idea but if going the gravy route it is just what I would end up doing.
Either way good luck!
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Possibly beer....
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Got the wife to pick me up some beef broth while she was out, and I used it together with some Worcestershire sauce. Here's the remaining Q-View. It was delicious.
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That looks great! Nice smoke ring too!

points.giffor a great smoke
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thanks fire ... i really liked the smoke ring as well. it really tasted wonderful.
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