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I think this can be applied to any type od smoker. It's all in the taste buds.
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New to forum here, and I did just buy an MES from Cabela's. Not sure if I am happy with it though. Made some jerky as my first kill. Trouble getting smoke at low temps. Had to crank it up to 210 and leave door open to regulate temp. I get it, the element doesn't stay on long enough to smoke at this temp once preheated. I've also found that even at higher temps, once unit was up to temp, it was hard to get smoke. Got through first time though, can't say it was easy. After looking at posts here and on other sites, I was intrigued at the idea of generating smoke outside of box for low temp or cold smoking. Looked at Smoke pistol and SmokeDaddy, but my financial advisor said no to more toys until after Christmas. So for less than $15.00, I got some flexible and rigid duct pipe and with a little ingenuity I managed a fairly good operating external smoke generator. (I've since added a steel 3 gallon pail that the rigid duct sets in with about 1/2" to 3/4' of water for draft control- attached). I do like the idea of fiddling and tending to the cooking, to a degree, but if I have to smoke externally I may as well return this unit and get me horizontal with a SFB. Been reading alot about them on this forum too.
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I have a 40" SS model from Sam's and I have no problem generating smoke at low temps (130F - 170F). One thing you might do is put a couple lumps of Royal Oak in when you are pre-heating. The charcoal will keep the chips/chunks smoking even when the element is off. Add another lump every hour or two (depending on how fast they burn for you).
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I have tried to do that. Even prelit the charcoal before dropping it in the loader. Dry chips, small dry chunks, chips and chunks with and with out the prelit charcoal.
If I have to take it back, it won't be for an exchange. I know a lot of you have had success with this unit, that is one of the reasons that I went with it. You know, 10,000 people can't be wrong!
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I have put a brisket or pork butts on the Traeger at 9:00 at night and slept all night to wake up to meat that almost done and I'm not tired.

That being said, I went out and bought a used Lang so I can baby sit the fire for awhile.
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I have used the Smoke Stix and have been pleasantly surprised - easy to store - less mess - long smoke times - and best of all I could not tell the difference between the Stix and wood chunks/chips.

I will be placing another order soon.
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Don't feel alone. I'm still trying many of the suggestions with my MES. It wants to do exactly like you say. It smokes great on the way up, but once it levels off, and the element doesn't come on much, it doesn't want to burn the chips. I have a Big Kahuna, but I'm still trying to get my MES to work right on it's own. It seems to be doing better now that it's colder out, but Below 150* is still a problem. Many of others on here say they don't have a problem, but I'm with you. I love it in every other way. Maybe you could try a Bradley---They have a seperate element for the smoking, but then you have to pay a lot for the disks---$20 for every 16 hours of smoke.
Just my 2 cents.

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I had considered the Bradley, but they've got with their proprietary disks for smoking. I'm going to give it another couple chances before I make any rash decisions. Probably should done more research in the first place. If I truly wanted set it and forget it, I would have saved up my pennies for a Traeger.
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Where's the fun in that??
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I just looked at Trager's website. I don't see where they can be set low enough to smoke sausage without rendering all the fat out (even the commericial units) anyone have any experience?
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That way you can brew a big ole batch of beer while the brisket is cooking!
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