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Spare Ribs - Mustard

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Back into the smokin, posts all over. Not sure why, but when I get smokin, I go all out.

I picked up a 25lb box of Bob Evan's spare ribs at the store the other day had a special for $18/box. They seem to be all trimmed nicely as well. Anyone else ever see these before? I thawed them out a bit and going to try them with the rest of the stuff.

Anyone use yellow mustard with their rib rub? I was searching around the 'net and saw several places where it was used and they also had said it loses its flavor when cooking, is this true?

Just trying to find some new methods for experiment.

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yes. it gives the rub something to stick to. you cant taste normal yellow mustard once it is smoked. but if you use a coarse ground dijon mustard, you can taste it a little.
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Yes, the mustard loses its flavor in the smoker. I don't use mustard though, I use evoo.
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Really anything wet will help the rub stick.. The vinager in mustard helps the meat in several ways, and I have never tasted it in the end product.
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I mostly use yellow mustard, but sometimes if I am feeling frisky I use spicy brown, not sure if it makes a difference or not.
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I plan to do 3 slabs of BB's tomorrow.

I always use the yellow mustard, but I was thinking about trying something different this time? I know some folks use EVOO...

Anyone ever try honey - or even real maple syrup? What are some other good ideas for a rub-binding material, that might also provide a tiny bit of flavor??
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I too like the spicy brown (Gulden's) mustard on mine. I like the wee hint of the horseradish flavor when done! I have used EVOO on occasion but may one day try the (real) maple syrup or honey just to see what happens.
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I always slather my ribs with plain ole yellow mustard. The mustard flavor cooks away, but you do get saltiness from the mustard. If your rub has a lot of salt, you may want to cut it in half when you use a mustard slather.
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Yes, my mind is made up. I'm going to try the mixture of REAL maple syrup, and a touch of honey...

I would think you could get a lot of rub to stick to the ribs using that combo!

I'll report back with semi-decent pics. icon_neutral.gif

I need a new camera...
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I use honey, karo syrup and maple syrups all the time. I think it comes through some. I like useing them a lot. I had just used a jelly also and liked it very is a link to a honey brisket that I did
here is a link to a karo syrup butt I smoked
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Not to highjack adams thread...but I'd be a little leary about using the high sugar content on the ribs, at least until you unfoil them. I don't know this to be factual, since I've never done it. But my guess would be that you might create more bark than a rib can handle. Unless of course you really like that. I would think there would end up being so much bark that the meat may not come through. I would consider adding the honey and syrup when/if you foil. Then keep a close eye on them after the foil to make sure they don't burn.

I sometimes use plain ol yellow mustard, and sometimes I use nothing at all and don't really have a problem getting the rub to stick. The mustard does loose it's flavor and will allow you to get more rub to stick than by not using it. So I guess it just depends on how much rub you like.
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great point Dude. It might be better to use what ever as a glaze at the end and finish off on the grill. What ever you do keep us informed I would like to know.
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I have done both with and without for the purpose of seeing if I could tell a difference in flavor; I could not. However, I still use it because it does 2 things for me:
1.) It does allow you to put more rub on, which I like.
2.) The yellow helps me see where I went too light on the rub. I just keep packing the rub on until the yellow is gone. Again, I like a lot of rub. This is especially true on a shoulder, where you want a thick bark.
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I like a lot of rub on my ribs, so I went for a thin coat of mustard. (Forgot to take pics.) Then of course I ran out of rub and didn't have time to get ingredients to mix up more so a few slabs are fairly thin on rub, but still have the mustard on them.

Now only if I can figure out what temp my masterbuilt smoker is operating at. Display says 180, but I have it set to 250. Just pulled 2 yard birds out that were cookin at 275 on the display so I don't know what's going on. Beef country ribs were done in no time, so I'm guessing its running above 180. The spare ribs started to pull back a bit at the bone so I slopped on some BBQ sauce and foiled them for now. Hopefully they'll turn out decent.
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Do you have a temp gauge at all ? It is very hard to smoke meat without a temp guage. Might want to pick something up when ever you can. My MES runs high I set it around 210ish and it usually is smoking at 230ish.
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