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BBBBRRRR!! Winters coming!!

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Hey all you brilliant people out there in SMF land!tongue.gifI have a question... could the ceramic fiber insulation that is used in BBQ engineer's unit be used with say some heavy canvas to make a wrap around insulating blanket for a UDS? Like a hot water heater insulation wrap? Can it be sewn onto the canvas and fastened with velcro?
Just some random brain activity!icon_mrgreen.gif
Later SOB
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I would thinnk for time and probably money you would be better off getting a welding blanket.....they are flame retardent....but if you are set on the making of one your self I'm sure you could
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Even the welding blanket I use on my Masterbuilt gasser gets a little scorched around the firebox door. I think canvas would eventually scorch and break down with the heat.

PS. Hush up! Winter is not coming, it is a myth. If you guys would not advertise it, it would not happen. I blame Bing Crosby and all his damm singing and dreaming of a white christmas for awakening the gods to the fact that the weather was always nice and cozy. Soon others were singing about White Christmasses. This of course over encouraged the snow and ice gods in particular to begin to pay attention to all that catterwalling. They even bagan to believe there was a need down here on earth for inclement weather. They did a feasability study and checked around to see if there was a profit to be made. They got sponsorships from Goodyear and Firestone in particular who were only to happy to double their product line to accomodate snow tires. Twice the profits seemed like a good thing. Next thing you know there are ski hills all over the country encouraging our youth to fling themselves off of mountain tops with wild abandon.

Snow should be banned to mountaintops, Christmas cards and the occasional sno cone. In particular it should be made to leave me alone. so there. rant over....whew ...I feel a lot better now...
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I smoked last winter with snow on the ground and cold with no insulated blanket, wind break or anything else to help the UDS. It ran fine all winter long.
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Yes that ceramic wool would work great, but you don't have to sew it in. You could simply wrap it around the drum, then wrap wire, starting at the top and working your way down to hold it against the drum tight. Then the canvas blacket. Just an idea.
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Why not use the insulation and wrap with welded wire mesh to hold it to the barrel, it would be easier than wrapping with wire. Chicken wire would work great and cheap...
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It's not Bing that should take the blame. You can blame Al Gore. Ever since he started whining about "global warming" the earth has been cooling off! PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Hey, try covering you area with the canvas first. I think with the set-up you have, it may stay warm enough. A good wind break does wonders. If it doesn't work we'll try another version. Oh, how did the gasket thingy work?
Later Tater,
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Hey thanks everyone. At my house I have a wind break set up so I probably dont have to worry about the wrap. I was thinking about when I take my uds on the road...never know what situation you will find yourself in. I think wrapping the insulation with some 1/4" hardware wire, would do the trick.
Stan... I haven't Gotten to try the gasket thingy yet. I did burn out my drum with that torch! WOW!!! worked great!

I still gotta get my; much smaller than me, son to get inside with the grinder to clean out the rest of the liner!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

He says no!! But what the boy does'nt know is that I control the food intake in this house! If he wants to eat, HE WILL DO IT!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gificon_eek.gif:PDT_Armataz_01_05 :biggrin.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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I saw it at work a week or so go. It was some insulation blanket (made by 3M) that is used to wrap the flew duct of a hood system for a fast food joint. It should work great for it is really heavy duty and pretty strong too.
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If we'd only believe strongly enough and pray hard enough, winter wouldn't happen

Problem is, all the skiers are praying for cold and snow. There's apparently more of them than there are brisket smokers
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I think you will find that drum will run just fine with no added insulation needed. Like Rick said, those things will run in a blizzard.
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Agreed, i cook in -20 with no problems. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Just move to sunny Florida and you wont have to worry about the snow.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I need winter, I am a duck and goose hunter, if there is no winter, there is no waterfowl migration, no migration = no hunting = no meat = no sausage = unhappy coffee junkie. I am still waiting for the northern cold snap.
I build a UDS for this reason, it should run fine in the winter. I will report back I plan on smoking a Turkey this weekend.
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gotta let nature take its course... besides think of the ice fishing we would miss out on. cant wait!!! as far as smoking, i have a gosm and not insulated a bit other than the crud built up on inside. and like bubba, will smoke in -20 weather. sheesh what would we do if it got cold out.
i think my house and garage block most of the wind though.
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