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Been a while........

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.........what have I missed?
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Us new members, welcome back.
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It's really the same old site I hope just with a bunch of new names here like me I have only been here for about 8-9 monthes and love it. Welcome back and I looking forward to your input and knowledge.
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Welcome back to the SMF. Enjoy your stay.
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That is the worst part of being away from the site for more than a couple of days, it is almost impossible to catch back up with all the new members joining and all the great Qviews and questions and such.
It truly is amazing how big this site has become and the wealth of knowledge on here.

Welcome back, smoke anything good while you were away from the site?
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Welcome back hope ya'll have gotten all settled in up there and that things are good for ya.
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Hello Joe,
Welcome back! Hope Mass is all you were looking for. It's definitely a change in environment for you. We're watching "Ida" right now. I'm sure you don't miss hurricanes up there. Looks like Ida is going to make landfall to the west of me I'm between Destin and Panama City Beach and right on the coast. Ida is coming in over Mobile Bay. Not bad .... but ..... guess what. It's supposed to immediately turn to the east and come right over us. No problem though. I understand it's lost a lot of strength so we're looking of a lot a rain and a little wind. Could be a lot worse. Probably won't be able to smoke tomorrow but then I won't be shoveling ice either. Welcome back to the SMF.
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A blast from the past! welcome back Joe.
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Welcome Back...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Welcome back...
Be chatting with you later.
Stan aka Old School
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A lot!

If ya get the chance, could you check on my FB farm. I think my plants have died. biggrin.gif
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Welcome back! biggrin.gif
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Hey welcome back Fatback! Been a while since we've seen you....
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I hope you take better care of your place in OK. LOL
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Ice? What's that? LOL
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How about Roll call, just kidding, welcome, new members are signing up and enjoying the site
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welcome back. hope all is well and dandy in your neck of the woods.
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lol I had to choose between the two.... my okie place won. biggrin.gif
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Hey Joe, Nice to see you back with us.
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Who are you?
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