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Crab Bisque

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Here is my second attempt at Crab Bisque....Pic may not look the best but WOW! Sure was good...
Soon I'm going to post my dry aged project with a Rib Eye Loin.

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That looks great! I love crab/lobster/shrimp/clam/oyster bisque! Care to share your recipe?
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Like he said ^^^^ I love a good bisque and you can put alot of things in them too. I wouldn't mind the recipe also to see whats in yours. Now that dry aged rib eye loin we have to talk now I have been wanting to dry age some meat but I want to get all my ducks quacking in harmony first before I ruin a 100.00 chunk of meat. Let's talk soon.
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3rd request attempt for that recipe. Man, that close up pic was a tease!!
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Thanks guys....Yes I will get the recipe for you...

My dry aged rib eye loin is in it's 4th day. The last time I did one I grilled some steaks at 8 days...then at 10 days...I then used the rest for some killer steak fajitas.
I'm taking pics of the dry age project and will try to give a post next Wednesday Nov. 11th... That will be day 8.
I probably will get flamed but...the taste of those steaks is incredible.
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

4th Recipe Request...icon_mrgreen.gif
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