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It looks great. I gotta start posting again. I did some ribs over the weekend and a pastrami, but just forgot to take pictures. I guess with everything that has happened in the last month it is understandable. I can still hear my wife making fun of me for taking pictures of my food....haha
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Here is Carol's dinner.

5 oz stramie.

Provolone cheese.

Sour dough with caraway seeds.

That's what she left for me.

She said it was delicious.
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That looks soo good!
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The home cure brisket it the best strami I've ever made too. I cheat a lot with the store bought corned beef but the one I cure myself is far better than anything else I've done.
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Excellant job as always Ron!!!!!! And that sammich looked like it was to kill for!!! Definately points for this one.....points.gif
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Oh, man you're killin me. I have to go get a brisket this week.
I can imagine what a rueben that would make.

Nice job Ron!points.gif
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Looks Great, Where is Ours...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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man all you needed was a lil sauerkraut to top that sammie off with and slip some pumpernickle bread in there with caraway.... still pretty awesome looking ron!!! thks for sharing that ones!!!points.gif

still just getting crumbs eh!!! lol
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Another masterpiece Ron!
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I will be doing the same thing this weekend ron Yours look great and really alot more then tastey it's fabulous and delish.
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Thanks Mark, if you need anything give me a holler, or anyonelse for that matter.
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