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Brining Question

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I have been smoking birds for many years and always brine them before smoking. I always have great results. But, I was looking at a chicken from the store the other day and it says it is soaking in a 10% salt solution.

My question is why should I brine pre-packaged birds, like chicken, when they are soaking in a 10% salt solution from the store? I understand that you can add flavor to brines, but other than that the science doesn't change, right? They are soaking in brine from the store.

Not trying to blaspheme - just looking for understanding.
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That's enhancement they add so regular folk can have a juicer bird, cause they tend to overcook. So, when I created slaughterhouse brine I used less salt. You still get to add flavour ta that bird without it becomin to salty.

You can also soak that bird in water over night to leach some a that enhancement solution out if ya wanna.
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I steer clear of any product that has been pre-brined or pre-injected. It comes out uniformly bland and crappy.

The sole exception to that is one butcher who has awesome wild game. His marinades are great, so sometimes I'll have him put wild boar or whatever in that marinade when I come pick it up.
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Think about it my man......anything packaged in brine has been sitting there how long ????? I always brine my poultry, but would NEVER leave a chicken in the brine more than three or four hours.

If you buy one that's been sitting in a 10% brine for god knows how long....well, more power to you, but I think it's too long and it's gonna suck.
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Poultry is one a the few things we can still buy round here what ain't been enhanced. Most everthing else has been. Ya learn to work with it is all I can say.

I brine my chickens overnight an sell a bunch of em, just watch the salt content. And don't ferget, there are some seasonin blends (most of em actually) that the main ingriedient is salt. So, I try to stear clear a them.
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I have always brined the birds that is if I remember. I think it is to add flavors to the birds and maybe a little mooisture.
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Yup, hole idear a brinnin is primarily fer addin flavour an to help keep the bird moist.
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Just look for chickens labeled Natural and make sure there is no mention of a solution. If that's not possible, leach and brine with a reduced salt recipe and add a bit of extra sugar to offset it. Ideally, go with no solution birds.

That 10% solution means you're also paying for the solution by the pound.
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