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Next time use a fat seperator before you pour the juice back onto the meat. This will remove the excess fat. However, the juice will still jell. As the connective tissue breaks down under slow cooking, it turns to gelatin. That is the same stuff that makes jello. Gelatin is good suff in meat that like. It is why BBQ is better the next day.
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i think foiling is just wrong, they dont foil meat in a bbq resturant and they didnt have foil back in the old days of smoking?? it takes away the masculinity to foil lol dare i say foiling is for sissies? hah
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I think what he is trying to say is that taking a hot foil-wrapped shoulder and placing it in the fridge would introduce some danger zone problems as well. Not to mention probably raise the temp in your fridge to where it would not be good for the food in there.

You want to minimize time in the danger zone on the way up (heating/cooking) and on the way down (cooling). The guidelines as I understand them are as follows:

1. From 135°F to 70°F within 2 hours; and
2. From 70°F to 41°F within 4 hours.


Having said that, I think he misunderstood the original poster anyway becuase he didn't say he took it from the smoker directly to the fridge.

I would imagine that pulling or slicing and then putting it in bags or on trays so that there wasn't so much solid mass would also aid in cooling to safe temps faster if that was something you needed to do right after a smoke.

Um . . . okay. biggrin.gif I'm not going to touch that one. wink.gif

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Thanks DDave. That's exactly what I was referring to. If you have to place a large shoulder in the fridge and it is still hot, I suggest breaking it up into 3-4 pieces and letting it cool somewhat first.

As I stated, wrapping a whole shoulder that just came off the smoker and tossing it into the fridge is a no no. Plus you might as well take the time to remove the skin and any fat before putting it away, which would have avoided the gross congealed gelatin the op was talking about.
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