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Had a little accident with my GOSM

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In preparation for winter the other day, I was mowing my lawn for the last time. I had moved the propane tank for my GOS into storage and hung up the hose and regulator. Problem is, I must haveve hit it on my way by and the regulator and hose both got eaten by the mower. Now I need to replace it.

I had been toying with the idea of putting in a needle valve previously, and someone had mentioned that they had replaced the whole assembly with a turkey fryer regulator that had the needle valve built in. I am not sure if there were any links or anything, but thought I remembered there being one. Think it might hav been from Bayou Classic or something like that.

Anyway, does anyone have any info on one that would work or could be easily adapted?
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mine is a king kooker and has a pretty neat setup which would work...

or they have just the needle valve

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Both should be standard, low-pressure regulator/hose setup right?

Try this.......
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Lowes and HOme Depot carry both replacement hose and regulators. Make sure to take your old regulator with you so you know what size (pressure-wise) to get.
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Turkey Fryers have high pressure regulators & High BTU Burners and Smokers have low pressure regulators and low BTU burners, so I wouldn't use one from a turkey fryer...

Here is a link to some replacement parts...

I would recommend getting an adjustable regulator so you can fine tune your burners flame...
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yea Homeless and Lowes carries the replacement models and if you have to get two so you won't have to go back next time/ JK
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Taking the old one with me may be a bit of a problem. After the blade hit it, I don't know where it went. Anyone have a stock regulator from a GOSM BB they can give me the info from?
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OK, been doing some research since I searched the yeard and cannot find the old regulator head anywhere. Wonder how far the lawnmower actually threw it, and darn glad it didn't fly out and hit me.

Looks like the stock burner in a GOSM Big Block is 18,000 BTU. Most of the ones listed by other people in this thread are 50k BTU (but adjustable). I am by no means a propane expert, so just want to make sure I pick up the right part when I get one. Can anyone help me out?

Luckily, I still have my new CGSP which did see some action this weekend. Unfortunately, I am still learning on this one an I overcooked my ribs a little, but the chicken I did was outstanding. I just want to get my GOSM going again for the longer smokes.
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I would call Bass Pro Shop and tell them what happened and see if they can order you a replacement if they don' have one in stock...
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I pulled this off of the Bass Pro site:

That may be an avenue you could explore. Hope it helps.
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Just go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a BBQ regulator with hose, it works just fine.

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I think erain has it right. As best as I understand Natural gas is considered low pressure as in 3 to 5 psi. Liquid propane (L.P.) is a manmade gas which is considered high pressure. That is why for natural gas you have to have bigger holes in your burner, where with L.P. you need smaller (higher pressure I think) Either way if you want to adjust you propane pressure erain has the correct site. I use an adjustable regulator also, but be extreamly careful when using. If you turn the flame down too much, and the wind blows out your flame, you could have a very dangerous and explosive potential. As I said I use an adjustiable reg, and I have had mine go out on me. thankfully I set my mavrick E.T. 73 low smoker alarm, and shut and aired out without any problems.
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Thought I would bring this thread back to life since I am finally going to fix my GOSM. It has been a long winter of working, travelling way too much, getting married, all kinds of stuff, so just now getting the smoking bug back and have the weather coming to do some. I have missed the good food and have really missed this site while I have been away, but looking forward to getting going again.

So I have picked up a new regulator and am good to go there, but since I have a needle valve sitting around that I have been meaning to put in, thought I would do that at the same time. I will be heading to the hardware store today to pick up the extra parts I will need, and think I have a good list, but will obviously be bringing parts with me to make sure everything fits.

The problem I have now, and have had in the past, is that I cannot seem to get the hose disconnected from the regulator. Is there a specific tool that people are using to diconnect this? It looks like it is made so that the connection can spin without loosening, and I am not sure how to get in and get it apart.

Any help is much appreciated.
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