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My vote would be for normal size pics in the sigs and avitars leaving more room for qview - Not offended by any of this.
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Dang-CAJUNSMOKE-Steve-YOU are right....Ovechkin got hurt.

TIME for a massive signature pic of ........LMAO!

You all are just alright.........LMAO.Watch dem pic size!!!!!!
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Ok since there are several here that like the Swedish Chef as do we he is back...just smaller.

As far as the other sig, my son made that for us, proud of that one, leaving it just the way it is.......unless the mods say to shrink it. icon_wink.gif

Thanks for everyone for stepping up and stating their opinion. This is the only way we know where everyone stands.
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Good to see some hockey fans out there...Go Wings!
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This is not a bandwidth issue. Once you have viewed a post by someone with a lot of graphics in the sig, those graphics are on your computer. The next time you view a post from them, the pics are pulled from your hard drive, not re-downloaded.
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Well if mine is to large I can just make it smaller.
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