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Having bigger pictures is a privilege that premiere members are allowed. This is something Jeff set up.
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And it makes sense
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YIKES!! icon_eek.gif

Don't take it personally. I don't think anyone is suggesting that you need to resize all of your Qview photos. Some of those larger Qview close ups are quite awe inspiring -- not to mention mouth watering. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. But you gotta admit, if you're sig pics are huge and you are a frequent poster, they're popping up on the screen a lot.

There are lots of ways to show your personality and your setup without having huge pictures at the end of every one of your posts. I modeled my sig area after Cowgirl's. OTBS image, small pic of setup and text detailing equipment because lots of times people ask about thermos and such. When it got to be (what I thought was ) too many lines, I made the font smaller. (I thought about making the text items hyperlinks to websites that sell the items to make them easier for folks to find a source for but that's another can of worms.biggrin.gif ) You could post a link to a thread detailing your setup and put big pictures in there too.

I'm not saying my way is the way it should be done, I'm just offering suggestions. It's really not that hard to resize the pics and there are a wide variety of programs available that can do that.

I'm not sure if this is the same pic

but if it is, feel free to use it. Just right-click on it and select Copy. Then Paste it somewhere to your C drive then upload to Photobucket (or some other image host) then link back into your sig area.

If you want it a different size, I'd be happy to help.

I'm not trying to set policy, just offering some suggestions and trying to help.

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I don't know if any one else does this, but I relate to the avatars that each member has. I can tell at a glance who they are, and also relate their other posts to their avatar...who doesn't relate to Ron's pic in his avatar, or Rivet's Airborne logo? Who doesn't get a kick out of Meat Hunter's "paddle faster, I hear banjos" with a canoe? I even rember some of the (now lurking) old timers by their avatars. How about jeanie's smokehouse? It is how we relate to their personality. I think you all know what I mean, and the signature line is no different. In fact, I can't believe that we are complaining about pictures on a site that is built around posting pictures of your creations...

The site rules were established, and paying members are allowed to have up to 500 private messages, and are allowed larger pics...it is part of the rules, and a benefit for those that want to put their money where their mouths are.

I think that part of what is currently wrong with this country is that the masses have to bow to the most easily offended or the one that can complain the loudest. I don't believe that we need to do this, if we are within the boundaries that have already been established. So be offended...Yell all you want. The pictures were within the previously established parameters and violate nothing...not to mention that some of us think they give character to an already awesome site.

SC, If I was you, I would have that lang picture flying loud and proud. I wouldn't take it down for anything or anyone. PepesKitty, I like your chef pic, and think that should remain too.

This is not a democracy here...Jeff sets the rules, and if he feels that a change is in order, I' sure that it will be on a global level, and not done to single anyone out.

OK...I'll get off my soapbox now.
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I haven't been here long and really enjoy the site, I personally enjoy the pictures. They help me to relate to different smokers, people and what they are cooking. I do some times have to slide the marker at the bottom of the page to read the post, but the stuff looks so goood, I can do it!!
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This is more on the lines of what I wanted to say, Thanks BBQ Engineer for saying more politically than I did. I am going to put my siganture back up and I will try to make those pictures smaller.......
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When I had dial up i just set my user CP to not show avatars or signatures, I got high speed a few months ago so now I don't care how many pictures anyone has.

Sometimes the wide ones are a pain cause I have to scroll side to side but not the end of the world
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Personaly i change my avatar and signature pics all the time.

As far as dial up etc. that must be rough.My pig avatar-for now-toasts you.

I enjoy the big pics.Just a forum to interact and show some fine smoking.

Whatever the good folks here decide-I am fine with.

I feel the 640x400 is perfect for threads...........
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Well I get so many fun comments about my Smoke-N-Butts banner and even T-shirt requests. Ya know I think I will keep her until I am told to take her down.
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If you use Photobucket you can set the size you want for the image before uploading them and they will all be that size...

Just click the more options prior to up loading and chose the size you want the photos to be, photobucket does all the work on resizing...

For Bulk Uploads Click the More Oprions and do the same as above...
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Ok...Ive redone mine and made it a little more user friendly I think....Its not so wide that you ahve to scroll over and its not as tall.....Im happy and I think this one looks better....Thanks BBQ ENG..Points for helping me outpoints.gif
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Well, I'm just a babe here so I'm not gona chime in on this issue in anyway accept a technical one that doesn't even apply here...

I admin several sites like this one and the only thing about HUGE pics is that sometimes they messed with the forum structure itself, resizing it and throwing it out of wack!! (usually with PHPBB3 sites)

This VB site/style is not the case and with the option to TURN OFF viewing sigs and avies while surfing I'd say the site can hold it's own. But I can't speak for the owners and the bandwidth issue so this is as far as I go... icon_wink.gif
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So you were the a-hole that was making me scroll...LMAO!!!!
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Ha ha ha.....Actually made me laugh.....Im gonna send you some smoked wormssss
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I like the pics in your sig lines, I do not want to see them go away.

But I have to admit, some of the big ones fill the entire screen on my laptop, all the scrolling can be annoying at times, especially when its the same one over and over and over in the same thread. Not complaining mind you, just an observation.
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I think that looks much better than the larger ones did. Mainly because they line up and the other ones were all over the screen.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those sausage's look better every time I see them, no matter what size they are!!! The resizeing is great.
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bingo.....I think some are big but as a premier member that is what they paid for. If you don't have high speed internet then set you setting to not download avatars and sigs...problem solved.by the way patterson I like the new sig !!!! And how do you smoke your worms...I'ev never done that...lmao
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LMAO...Must have a few million of the worms at my little garden/farm.

I have the highest speed FIOS. I LOVE big pictures my friend!!!!!!

Rock on Brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SC love your pics on the bottom. Love seeing all those pics at the bottom. Like someone else said, kind of identifies that person for me. ALX, you need to change your pic at the bottom, maybe Crosby or Malkin would be better. Maybe we should do away with Q-views in the posts and go to only links....PDT_Armataz_01_33.gif
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