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Huge multiple pictures in signature

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I've noticed a few members have several quite large pictures in their signature lines. Am I the only one that finds it annoying?

Also it eats up bandwidth=money.
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Phreak, thanks for your input. The issue is being are not the only one distracted by the large pics.
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Some boards offer the option to not have signatures show up in posts. Not sure if that is a feature that vBulletin has, but may be worth exploring.

I for one would contribute, if it's an add-on to the board that needs to be purchased.

As an aside, if you use Firefox they have a plugin called AdBlock that can not only block ads, but images and avatars as well. Totally customizable and comes in handy!!
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I have wondered about this every since I put up our pics. I have considered them being too much. If this bothers people, I will be glad to take them down or just cut back.
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Thank for the info Patrick!
Eric, I'd leave them up til management decides. :)
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I was just checking into whether we have the option of viewing not viewing signatures. There is an option in UserCP to not show avatars, signatures or even pictures if one doesn't want them. But the problem of bandwidth would still be an issue with the large pics. We are here to enjoy this site, not disrupt it, whatever is decided it not a problem for us. we don't want to bother anyone.
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They don't really bother me, but I will say that if they could be shrunk down to be a much smaller size that would be nice. Some of those giant qviews take enough time to load without having wait for everyone's signature to load.
Or possibly links to see the pictures if everyone really wants to look. Because if you decide to say no pictures at all, what happens to the OTBS Members that have the OTBS logo or shield graphic.

Just my $0.02
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You still have the OTBS designation under your forum name.

But yeah, not as pretty as the Shield...
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I think that might be a good option.. keep the pics but shrink them down a bit. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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As an aside, if you use Firefox they have a plugin called AdBlock that can not only block ads, but images and avatars as well. Totally customizable and comes in handy!![/quote]

It surely does come in handy. Use it all the time.
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I don't mind pics in signatures, it's cool cause it's kind of a way to show some personality. It just seems silly to me that even on a 19 inch monitor someone posts a one line post yet their post takes up all of my screen.

I mean, I can see being proud of your toys but really???

If it matters I would vote for size limitations, something not much bigger than 100 x100 pixels.
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Thats the reason I did my picture smaller in size but where you can still see it. I will remove it if you mods and adim decide that their are bothering some people. To me it is just me showing off my setup.
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I guess I got the bigget one and I will take them off no problem, but I also post abunch of queu view each time I smoke, I guess I need to cut abck on that too then..............

It doesnt bother me what people put in there siganture
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I only look @ the q-view, and skip past the signature line pics so it doesnt bother me.
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I would say that a size limit of maybe 300x300 would be good and a limit on how many images could be in it. Say 1 optional image and 1 OTBS image.

The problem I see in super large pictures is we forget not all members use high speed internet.

Those members that are on dial up it takes forever for large images to load so that problem may impact the members interaction with the group or even stop them from coming to the site.

I think it is a disservice to them to make them load a ton of images that really have nothing to do with the post they are trying to view...

I think that Qview of builds and of smokes should remain unchanged as that is what the site is about. Again I would limit size to no larger than 640x480.

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I think the people that contribute to the funding of this site should make the determination since they are the ones footing the billl. I on the other hand am a free-loader so bandwidth=money really doesn't concern me.

Other than that, I agree that the signature pics give people some personality. I on the other hand, do not have any personality...yet.
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I am all for pics in the signatures, but there are some that are too large. I agree with having a limit to the size of the pic.
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Thank you, Jeanie. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

And thanks to phreak for bringing it up.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Nothing wrong with showing off your personality and your setup. Some of the pics were getting a tad large though.

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No problems, I went ahead and took off our big pic of the Swedish Chef, if I can make him smaller, I will bring him back.
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Well I took all my pictures off so I now look just like everybody else, I am a premier member which means that I contribute money to this site and I should be able to put picture up if I want and noy in a 100x100 size, and yes I am proud of my toys and what I have accomplished while using my smoker. I have had tons of PMs asking about my Lang because I had a picture in my signature but now no one will ask because I look exactly like everyone else....Plain but Im not slowing down anyone computer now...Im not going to start resizing all my pictures just so I can put them on here. I post a ton of them and just do not ahve the time. Now that I took my signature off those people that had slow connections should be able to start contributing now or this forum will not be worth visiting. Before this is over with it will be easier to do my taxes vs putting pics in my signature.....No Thanks.......
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