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Rust On Outside my Lang Help!!!!!

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How do you guys treat the outside of your firebox????? My paint ah sfinally give out on the sides of teh firebox and Im sure it will start to rust soon...Thougt about cooking oil or maybe repainting....Any Ideas???
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Hey SC,

I have high temp engine enamel on my rig, and it works really well. I have also read where others have "seasoned" the exterior of their smokers too, with Pam, or vegetable oil just like a cast iron skillet. I can't personally say if that works with the high heat generated by a fire box or not.
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I would think the oil/Pam would burn out since it gets so hot but not sure...Thanks for the info
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You'll need to address that and remove loose rust and paint with a high temp paint. I season the outside of my smoker with canola oil and it seems to do fine. Every once in awhile I'll refill my pump sprayer and coat and rub it. I tend to have to do this on horizontal surfaces more then verticals.
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I agree...the firebox really pumps out the heat, and "seasoning" it might not work for the heat source. Here is the engine paint I used... The engine enamel goes to 500° and they have a high heat that goes north of 1200°. http://www.duplicolor.com/products/engine.html
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Give Ben a call, he can tell you exactly what to do.
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I would sand/prep as much as possible to get the loose weathered paint off the metal surface and repaint with 1200* paint as it is the firebox and gets very high in temperature. I found some 1200* paint at ACE and Pep Boys when I built the UDS. I am sure any hardware store would have some of the stuff though.
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I'd try the auto parts store for the paint, might be cheaper.
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How thick is the metal on the firebox? I think it is about a 1/4 inch but I dont have a lang yet. If it is that thick the rust shouldnt bother it. I leave my BBQ pit out in the back patio all year long and although it has rust it hasnt been affected at all other than looks. Of course i live in sunny Ca and we dont get that Frog Choking Rain you southern boys get.

If I were concerned I'd spray it with Rustoleum spray can paint in Black. It stops the rust and makes it look good.
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The new Langs are 1/4 steel.

The paint has blistered and peeled a bit on my Lang's firebox but it hasn't rusted yet. I scrapped off the loose paint and applied a coat of Crisco shortening to the bare metal before I fired it up the last time. The metal as turned dark but it isn't black like on my cast iron pots, I imagine a couple more treatments and it will get that way.

I picked up a can of Rust-o-lium brand flat black High Temp paint at Lowes. It's rated to 1200*. I haven't used it yet. Thought I'd see how the Crisco treatment weathered over the fall and winter, If I need to repaint the firebox, then I'll have the paint on hand.
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I talked to a few lang owners at the American Royal while we walked around and some said rub crisco on firebox as it is cooling down, after your cook.
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Not a Lang but I had some rust on my Horizon firebox. I prepped the area by using the grinder and wire wheel. I then used some Rust-o-lium high heat paint.

I figure I'll have to do this maintenance at least once a year to keep it looking good.
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I have used this product several times, it works great BUT NOT ON FIRE BOXES!!

there is no way it is rated to 1200* cuz I have seen it deteriorate after only a couple uses...

I am going to try some of the other products offered in this thread and others...

HOWEVER, adding crisco right after the smoke as it is cooling down sounds like a GREAT idea at least worth a try!!

ALSO Dutch, i hate hearing your Lang is already paint chipping... when I get mine I have no garage so I guess I'm gona have to get a custom cover made
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The key is to kill the rust. 1st choose, sandblasting and then paint with a High Temperature Paint as some as it is done. 2nd, clean with a grinder/hard wire brush and then treat with a rust preventive solvent. One I have used that works good is Right Stuff then paint with a High Temperature Paint as some as it is done. The important part is paint it as soon as you get it ready, rust will set in very quickly. Good luck and I hope it works for you.
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Luckily I have room here, I keep the Lang in my 30X40 shop and the other 4 smokers in the house garage, the wife parks in the house garage, I park in the shop.
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O.K., my secret...............;}-

Patterson, I DO have experience with that problemicon_question.gif
My Tejas Smoker began to flake off the SFB last year after several big smokes.I just grabbed the Pam and sprayed it and continue to now,every time I cook. It looks like a seasoned pan;black,smooth and no rust.I can't afford the good high temp. and refuse to paint each year,so...........
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It's the nature of the beast (heat and paint). I knew about the paint blistering and peeling before I got the 60. I figured it was a matter of "when" and not "if". Lang's aren't the only units that have this problem.
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RGR that, then it is to be expected... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I guess pretty much no unit is free from this with all that heat.
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The outside of my firebox (Lang 48 Patio) has developed more than enough rust and it's been sanded and re-painted once, but the rust has returned. My husband bought some of that high temp enamal paint (found at the auto parts store) and the plan is:

1. sand it down really well
2. apply naval jelly (with a toothbrush or brush .. it will eat up whatever rust is left over and act as a seasoning agent)
3. apply paint

I saw the use of navel jelly from another thread on the forum ...
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Here's the link to that thread I was referring to:

navel jelly use
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