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HELP!! offset smoke box

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I Have a new small smoker with an offset smoker box. I grills great, but when I try to smoke something it is very hard to keep a steady low temp.
I know how to smoke with a big smoker made out of an old oil barrell, which rusted out so I got a smaller one. Can any please show me how to keep a steady temp on the offset smoker.PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Can you give us some details on the brand, model, and size of your offset? Size of main chamber, and any mods? Are you using the stock thermometer that came with it?
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Like he said, most commercial smokers need modifications to perform better.
We need more info to steer you in the right direction.
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Also need to know if you're using lump or briquette coal and what you are using as a thermometer to measuer temps.
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the small smoker I have is a new braunfels. I don't know the size of the firebox, but it is small. the main cooking chamber will only hold about 2 large turkey.
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I also use lump charcoal and I am using the same heat gauge that it came with.
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2 things to keep in mind when comparing large and small smokers:
1.) Wind, even mild, plays a larger role than with a bigger smoker
2.) Damper adjustments are amplified with smaller smokers.

So, summary: Protect the smoker from gusts (wooden or otherwise windbreak), and make smaller adjustments to the damper.
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Sniltz what the Geek says is true about weather playing substantial roll with a small smoker. Also with a lot of side fire box smokers there are modifications that will help you tremendously. Here is a link to a thread here that will probably do you some good.

The mods I've made to my Silver Smoker are adding a heat deflector, lowering the stack to grate level, making a charcoal box, and the use of a digital thermometer at grate level for an accurate temp measurement.
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Also first thing.... replace the temp gauge that came with it - those guages are usually off by at least 50° sometimes more. I would suggest two guages one on the right, one on the left just above grate level. Then if you got the $$ also get a digital that has meat probes.

I have not used or seen the inside of a New Braunfels, but I would guess you need to extend the smokestack down to grate level - heavy duty dryer tubing works good. Also figure out a way to create a baffle and tuning plate(s) to even out your temps from the firebox side to the non-firebox side. I am sure there are a few people on the forum that have made these mod's and can help you out with some $$ saving ideas.

Best of luck! biggrin.gif
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First, never trust the thermometer that comes with cheaper smokers no mater who made them...

Always get yourself a good digital and use it to check your temps, I recommend 1 for rack temp and one for internal meat temp...

Second do you have a pic of the smoker in question and was it built by New Braunfels or by Char Broil after they bought New Braunfels?

The older units made by New Braunfels were constructed out of heavier metal before being sold to Char Broil...

There are several good threads here on modifications to SFB smokers, they can be found in I believe the Charcoal section...
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I was gonna add some to this, but the guys seem to have covered it well.
Look through offset heat control in the search above,I have a post on how to control the fire IN the sidebox.
Good luck and
SMOKE HAPPYbiggrin.gif
Stan aka Old School
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You just have to start a good chimmey and dump it in the smoker and check it about every half an hour or so to keep it going and just watch your thermo-meter and don't leave it alone for long and you'll be fine.
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Thanks for all the advice, I have already line up a friend to help weld a baffle in my smoker and will post some pics soon of my smoker and the food. Thanks again ya'll have been a great help.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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