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Sunday Tri-Tip offering.

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So We got a 14.8cu ft Kenmore freezer Friday so Yesterday we stocked up. One of the items we got were Tri-Tips. Took one out today and rub it with Italian Dressing seasoning.

Then I smoked with Hickory for about a hour at 275. When I checked the temp was 144 so I turned off the heat on the smoker and fired up the grilled. Seared it for 1 minute a side. Wrapped in foil and rested.

Sliced up and its a nice Med.

Flavor of the meat was awesome.

I toasted 2 pieces of bread. Buttered and added garlic powder. Put the Tri-Tip. Put a little BBQ on it then topped with Provolone cheese.

Nice little dinner.

Thanks for looking.
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Awsome Brian.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great-love the sear-good sammie
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I'm not sure I could bring myself to do a sandwich with tri-tip beef again after trying horseradish on it for the first time ever this past weekend, but that sure does look good!
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Darn it brian thats looks awesome so nice and juicey and alittle on the rare side too. Thats a pure slice of heaven on thats sandwich. PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Thanks guys. it was mighty good
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That looks Great Brian...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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another name for tri-tip?

Does anyone know of another name for a tri-tip roast? I have never seen a cut of meat labeled tri-tip here in S, Fl.


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Love a good tri tip!
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Also called a Santa Maria cut I believe. Try Sams Club.
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Excellent smoke, and the Q View to prove it. Congrats on the new freezer Brian.
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On the east coast you will be hard pressed to find them. Out there they use them for ground beef. Tri-Tips are mainly found in the western states. Try going to a butcher. They may be able to get them for you.
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Very nice Q-Vue, and congratulations on the new freezer too.

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They are called tri-tips or ball joints. A tip I learned from an old German Chicago butcher is with tri's , briskets and corned beef is to not only slice across the grain, but also to slice on the bias. It makes it even more tender to chew.
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Tri tips get harder and harder to find east of the rockies. I was spoiled out on the west coast. They were plentiful and fairly cheap. I dang near have to custom order them here in Denver Front range.
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Thats it. I know what is for dinner tomorrow night now. I LOVE tri-tip's from the smoker. Not sure on the east coast but here in Cali you can get the "cheater" version from Costco. It is a Tri-tip for Mortons steak house, but they are already premarinated. I have done a couple for dinners on short notice, but they always turn out great.
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Had the mortons ones and they are good but for the money buy the norm tri tip and get a packet of Italian dressing seasoning and use it as a rub. Was awesome flavor.
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Will have to give that a try. Thank you.
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Cant wait to hear how you like it. Last night was the first time I tried it like that. Before I have just marinated with Italian or just used a simple rub. My wife was eating it strait off the cutting board biggrin.gif
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