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Pro Q vs WSM

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Does anyone have any insight on the quality of the Pro Q vs the WMS. I was looking at the Pro Q and they seem to be a pretty good smoker from most reports. Just wondering how they measure up to the WSM.
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Only bad thing i have heard is the metal is thinner/maybe less quality then a WSM.
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I love my 18" WSM. Very fuel efficient. I've never had to add fuel for long cooks, and it holds temperatures very well. A quick kick to the side knocks the ash down and it'll get back going after many hours.

Very well built. The only mod I have done is side handles, and those help a LOT.
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I have no experience with WSW

but I am very satisfied with my exel 20PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
with his 2 small doors,jou not lose much heat refilling water or wood
He is easy to assemble in parts
each part can be locked together
and there are handles
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After further research I have decided not to buy the Pro Q and save a little more and get the WSM. The main reason for this is the lack of manufactures service seeing the only U.S. supplier has dropped them and is only selling what they have left.

I also emailed the Pro Q company a few days ago with no response as of yet.

So, anyone have a place with a good price on the smaller WSM?
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