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Tri Tip

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Just finished a 2 hour smoke on a Tri Tip - serving it with garlic mashed taters a nice salad and a wonderful Raymond Burr Cab from 2002
OMG This is rock star good
Qview to follow
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I got bit by the tri-tip bug yesterday and picked one up today at the Winco. We'll probably be smoking it during the week. What temp did you have your smoker and to what temp did you cook it to?
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Cant wait to see the pictures. I got a deep freezer yesterday and went shopping and got tri-tip for 2.99 a lb trimmed. Will be doing one soon.
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can't wait for pics-tri tips are great smoked.
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Man I cant wait to see some Rock Star queu view....
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Smoked it at 225 for about 2 hours
I think next time I would back off to 1.5 - it was great but right on the edge of too much smoke
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