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Tri tip

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Well we thought that the wife was going into labor tonight so I wasn't going to get a chance to get this done. we went to the hospital, they told us that she was only 3cm dilated and sent us home. I am hoping to have this done by the time the Gator game is on. Will post all qview when I am finished.

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Keep your priorities inline my friend, plenty of time to smoke a Tri Tip, it would be worth the wait, as it is a tender and moist cut. One of my favs. Hope all goes well with the mrs. and baby.
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WOW sounds like it could be a great day a tri tip a Gator win and a new baby would make for a really great day. Good luck and hope all comes out as planned. We will need Qview of the tri tip but more of the baby biggrin.gif
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Hey Jeremy, my best to you and the Mrs for your newborn-to-come! Congratulations~ and as Richoso said, keep your priorities in order...... Mom's gonna be big-time tired, so give her quiet- no yellin' during the game! biggrin.gif
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I actually did this while my wife and daughter were taking a nap and my wife woke up bitching at me cause the place smelled like red oak smoke...

here is the qview, a little bit of salt, cbp, and garlic powder...about 2 hours over red oak

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For my first tri I think that it turned out AWESOME!!!
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First congrats on the soon to be newborn.
That looks awesome. I love tri tip just about any way you can cook it
Showed the pic to Mrs Scar and she said - that is what's for dinner. Headin to the store now
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That looks awesome PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Part one complete now lets see if part two can get done biggrin.gif
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Nice! I hope your baby comes out just as good! :-) Congrats!
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That looks delicious. points.gif
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That looks absoultly AWSOME!points.gif
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Great Looking Tri tip Jeremy...points.gif
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Now thats a good looking tri tip for sure and the bitching wouldn't stop for years to come. Congrats on the soon to be DAD and A GATOR FAN to boot, Man I bet it hard to get the game in Italy too. I was in Germany and we got it really late at night. Just A hint don't name your first born Tri tip. thats will keep the wife happier.
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