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Home with Pneumonia and a smoke

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Third day being home with Pneumonia. Feeling much better. I think the antibotic is kicking in.....
No better time to smoke a butt....biggrin.gif

Had a 11# picnic and trimmed down to about 8.5#. Just got it on around 8am. May need the wifes help tonight wrapping in foil and towel???

Mix of Hickory, Pecan, Apple and Cherry.
I will spritz after about 2-3 hours with 50/50 apple juice and apple cidar vinegar.
Also a bacon, egg and cheese fatty.....

Pics to come later if my body cooperates........
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Sorry you're sick, glad you're feeling better though. Looking forward to the qview.
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ahh, some good ole comfort food.

Hope you get better soon. Stay warm.
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Glad that you are impoving. The mother-in-law was told she has pneumonia last Monday and was sent home with some antibiotics. The antibiotics didn't work as well as the Doc hoped and last night he put her in the hospital to get some kicked up IV antibiotics. Of course it doesn't help that she had a collapsed lung almost two months ago and was in intensive care for five weeks!

Looking forward to seeing you finished butt!
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Glad to see you are making good use of your "down time"
Hope you feel better soon
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Man, it sure is making it's rounds here in N. IL. The son has been home form work the past 3 days due to viral infection.

Makes me glad I got a pneumonia shot.

Hope your smoke goes well.

Also hope ya get to feeling better soon.
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Hope you get to feeling better soon...
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1st Qview about 4 hrs in.....
Pulled the breakfast fatty and replaced it with chicken legs
Starting to get tired though.......
Time to add fresh wood, spritz and take a short nap.......

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Glad to know you're on the road to recovery. Good on on the butt.
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stalled at 154 for about 2 hrs....
now at 159 almost foil time......
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2nd stall at 160......
still waiting
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165* ..... I guess only 10hrs to get there......
wrapped in foil and in oven at 240* (forgot to mop it down though)

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in the cooler at 8:00pm.....

2 hour soak then pull....
its goona be hot, but I am tired.......
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Kev you may be sick but you still got the smokin' going on. I wish you a speedy recovery.
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Was a little drier than normal. I removed from the oven at 197*, sat in cooler for 1.5 hrs.
Must be that I forgot to give it a bath before foiling?????
I added the finishing sauce to all after pulling and just a slight amount of red BBQ sauce.....
Tatses good but not my best...........

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That looks soooo good. Those little pieces you ate while pulling it apart must have made you feel better, and the smells along the way had to help clear your lungs a bit. Hope you're all better soon.

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