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Very good advice. Problem solved?
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My last butts we did for rehersal dinner sat in the cooler wrapped in towels for 6 hours and I did a temp check with my thermal and a probe - the external was still at 165 and the internal was at 175 - depends on the cooler
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So for clarification, if I leave the shoulders in the oven at about 180 until I get ready to leave in the morning and pack in cooler at that time, they will not cook too far? I am going to pull the shoulders between 202 and 205.
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Man are these guys sharp or what!!!!!!
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If you take them out of the oven at 180' 190' they should be fine.
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Well the cook is finished. (Sorry about the lack of Qview, I dont have a working camera right now). Pulled each piece of shoulder at 202 degrees and then stuck in the oven at about 170 as suggested by ronp (Thanks again Ron). Woke up about 15 minutes earlier and stuffed in the cooler about 5:15 this morning. Going to start pulling the meat apart at about 10:00, pot luck starts about 11:00. Will report back with the feedback received from my fellow co-workers. Thanks again for all of the help guys.
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Might wanna pull some pork from the cooler an hour or more before 10 am.... it's going to come out of there awful hot...
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Well, all I can say is thank you so much for the help guys. Pulled meat out of the cooler at 9:15, was still too hot to handle. Started pulling at 10:00. Finised pulling at about 10:15 and they swarmed the meat like it was gold. Pretty sure it is safe to say that it was a hit.
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