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two in a row! yesterday Chuckies, Today, chickies!

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well I'm feeding my addiction well.
yesterday was chuckies! Today it's chickies
these are the start of what will be smoked chicken Ravioli Soup for the guys at the station tomorrow evening
2 yard birds gently seasoned with a touch of CBP and Bue Monde.
smoked over apple and a touch of cherry.
I put a pan of celery and onions and chix broth below to catch the drippings for the soup stock.
smoked to 170* pulled, cooled, and deboned.
sorry, I had the clothes off one before I remembered to take the Qview
thanks for looking!
the stock

Nekid chicks!!

gently seasoned

couple hours in right before I put the temp probe in

done and ready to debone skin was crisp and came off nicely, meat was tender and juicy
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How long and at what temp?
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Great color! Those were some sexy looking chickens, naked or not.
Smoked chicken ravioli soup, that sounds great! Hope you'll be sharing that recipe with us icon_wink.gif
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they took about 4hrs to get to 170* I smoked them about 250-275 so the
skin would be crisp. they were about 3.5 lbs each
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Sign of age, drooling more for food these days than other things...biggrin.gif
Great pics!
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I dont really have a recipe
I smoke the chix over the stock
then debone them.
add some water and chix soup base to the stock
throw in some celery, carrots, and onions simmer for about an hour or so
add the chix, and some ravs or egg noodles if you prefer and there ya have it. serve with some grated mozzerella cheese over the top!
I will try and post some pics of the finished product tomorrow
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Sounds good enough for me, thanks, I made a stock recently from a smoked chicken and it was great, this should be tasty.
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