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Hot/Spicy & Mild Spares in the Vault 24 w/qview

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I had some trimmings from St. Louis cut on the 10-01-09 (which got rubbed, wrapped and frozen) to go along with 2 more slabs of spares for our Sunday dinner.

I'll be wet smoking with the SV24...mesquite, apple and cherry for the thin blue.

These are seasoned only with cbp and kosher salt...just going for some simple smokey goodness here:

This is a rather hot & spicy blend of crushed red pepper, cayenne, cbp, white pepper, powdered sweet red pepper, brown sugar, minced/dried garlic, kosher salt, smoked paprika:

The trimmings on the left are from the 1st of the month (somewhat spicy), the rest are today's with cbp/kosher salt:

What would a late fall day of smoking be without this?:

And, into the Vault @ 210*. I'll let it climb to 225-230* after the initial heat absorption into the meat and let it do it's thing:

Tented pan & brasing to follow later.

Thanks for peekin'!

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Those are lookin good. Mouth is waterin just lookin at them
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Looks good so far. Cant wait to see the results
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Looks good so far, Eric. Why is your Smoke Vault so clean?biggrin.gif
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Oh what a pretty warm and sunny day here in Fla. Now thats why we live in florida and I don't own a snow shovel. But those are some mighty fine looking ribs and it's nice to lay them out flat too. I love my vault 24" too.
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Good looking grub but what is that white stuff outside????icon_confused.gif
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Smoke update

Thanks, I can't wait to taste the hot & spicy...it's a close variation of a home-blend I used recently on a couple chuckies and a english roast. It was really good on beef, even the cold sliced english.

Thanks, I won't forget the finale.

Thanks! LOL!!! I've been doing alot of jerky in it for the past month or so. That's why she's so clean...fact is, I can't remember the last time I smoked a butt, yard birds, brisket, etc. in it...I think it was a brisket...that's bad, or good...that I smoke so much I don't know what I do from one week to the next! I've been hooked on charcoal fired cooking for a couple months, since I modded my GOSM.

Thanks Mark...I've got my smokers out of the weather so I don't have to deal with the snow much anymore. The SS grill is just sitting there all by herself, because I've only personally used it once this year...charcoal does it for me now.

The Vault is just cruising along @ 225* like always...got love a good smoke rig. I was considering doing these ribs over a charcoal fired smoke, but, have been fighting a flu bug for about 10 days (body aches/fever are over, just a cough now), so didn't want to spend alot of time outdoors tending the fire...I know, build a drum! My GOSM charcoal conversion works well, but does need attention about every 90 minutes.

Here we are @ 1.5 hours into the smoke...notice the nice steam rising from the pan, and pull-back is just starting to show:

And, 2.5 hours in...I moved the hot & spicy to the lowest grate after 90 minutes, so as to avoid drippings getting on the milder seasoned ribs as the meat started sweating...and some TBS wisping up around the sides of the water pan:

More to come!


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Heh-heh-heh! Isn't that the PITS? This is our 4th, maybe 5th snowfall this season...just since the first of this month.

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Those ribs are lookiing great Eric....Looking forward to more views. It looks like you chose not to use a water pan on this smoke. Any reason why?
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I did use the water pan...my last post showed it in the pics...I stomped on you while you were replying icon_redface.gif


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Those are looking great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks, take a look at this:

4.75 hours into the smoke:

The CBP/Kosher Salted getting ready for a brasing:

The Hot & Spicy:

And, lastly, the trimmings:

I'll rotate the grate positions (top/bottom) every 20 minutes, as I have 3 large pans in the smoker and there will be hot/cold spots due to the baffling effect of the pans.

I'll give them about 1 hour of brasing and then it's back to the grates for a quick firming up, then, it's off for a plate!


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Looking good Eric.
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Thanks, getting closer here......mmm!

Here's a good sign:

Firming up now, dinner's on in about 15 minutes!:

If you've been following closely, you've probably noticed that the flap trimmings are missing icon_wink.gif...chef's spoils...hee-hee! Yes, they were GOOD!

Back with the finish ASAP! I can't wait to see the smoke depth on these...if my theory is correct, it will be VERY deep, as I started with nearly frozen ribs...I was cutting through frost when I trimmed 'em up. Colder starting chamber/meat temps seem to give the deepest smoke reaction in the meats. We'll soon find out if my theory is correct.


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Oh my.... you're right, you are using a water pan. I'm getting old, I guess...when I looked closer at the last picture you have I see the full waterpan. It looked like a flat tray rather than a full pan of water....the first time I glanced at it.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

However, I am not having any problems seeing how great those ribs are. Yummy. Can I have some at my table please ?biggrin.gif
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At last, we're eating!

Heh-heh! I'll check and see, but I don't think we have smoke deliveries through the SMF PM's yet...dang, and you're in Hawaii...long swim!!! LOL!!!

And, the moment I (we) have all been waiting for has come at last!!!

I gotta say, the spicy ribs are...very spicy, juicy, tasty and just down-right delicious! I'm savoring every bite....mmmmmm....sorry, hard to describe without putting you through the agony! LOL!!!

Just out from firming up at 280-290* for 30 minutes:

CBP/Kosher Salted sliced up:

CBP/Kosher Salted smoke ring:

Hot/Spicy slice up:

Hot/Spicy smoke ring:

My hot spares served with fire-roasted veggies:

I guess the smoke went deep enough to look good...just a touch of grey in the mid-sections...I like it!!!!!!!!!! This was basically a 5-1-0.5 if you're wondering.

Aaaah, that was good eats! I haven't done spare ribs for 3 weeks...I'll be OK for awhile now... biggrin.gif

Thanks for checking out my spares everyone!

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Looks good

It all looks goooood.

You can keep the white stuff... but send me a rack of the hot and spicy please. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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They look phenonimal, great job. Points.points.gif
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I'm with Mark, I love Florida! That snow pic made me shiver. Great looking Q and points go to a good view. points.gif
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