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Curley's - Tha Haul!

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Well, had a good time at Curley's sausage seminar. Picked up some good pointers an some new goodies!

The new meat mixer, hog casins to do a 150 lbs a meat, cellulose casins fer the wieners, a wiener mix, a summer sausage mix (won that), two salamie kits (gifts fer attendin), silicone spray, a pound a cure #1, a 1/4" an 3/8" plate fer the grinder, a container a stubbs bbq rub an two bags a stubs charcoal.

Enjoyed spendin the day with Mark (Daboys) an meetin some new folks. Might even go back again next year if they have one!

Spent the night in Jesup, where we did some lookin round town (Small place!) an stopped in the local meat locker. Been a meat locker fer 80 years, feller is lookin to retire an wan'ts somone to buy it. Boy, that sure is a temptation! Can't justifiy it right now, but if things change, well ya just never know!
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That looks like a great haul with lots of fun coming up. Maybe after I retire I can get to one of those seminars. Sounds like fun
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Looks like it was just like christmas for you there. You got lots of goodies. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Sounds like a real good time. Let us know haw that meat mixer works.

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Great haul! I can guarantee you're going to like that mixer.
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Well, the mixer is now a necessity, I can't mix meat with my left hand no more, so, to keep makin sausage, I had to perty much have it. Looked like it worked real good at the seminar.

Tryin to finish up the #32 grinder project this week so I can get ta makin sausage again!

If you guys ever get a chance to go to a seminar, I'd highly recommend it!
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Nice haul there Tip you made out for sure and you learned some new tips also. But now you are really got alot in front of you now. I guess we will see you in a week or two with all that work ahead of you.
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Dang, Christmas musta come early this year... Nice Haul...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I was at the seminar also and had a great day!! I think Keith puts on a great show! I didn't come away with as much as you did or win anything either! But theres always next year!! Enjoy!!
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Well, sure wished we woulda knew, we woulda talked! Yeah, great seminar, if Keith is gonna have one next year, were goin again. Winnin is just luck, now if I could make that sorta haul on the lottery I'd be all set!biggrin.gif

If he does have one next year an we all go, we need ta let each other know so we can shoot the bull!
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Nice haul, Tip! I been eyein' those mixers also...we grind a lot of deer meat and mix it with ground pork...sure would make life easier on processing day! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif

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- You are going to love the mixer.
- The weiner mix is a winner as far as I am concerned. Many family members keep asking that we make more, more and more !!!
- The summer sausage mix didn't tickle my wife or my own taste buds, we have a different mix we prefer so we may be biased. I am interested in your thoughts on this after you make it?

Sounds like you had a great time, how many people did they have in attendance?
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Reading about your time at the festival sounded really fun, Tip. One of these weekends, Jerry and I are getting together for him to teach me what he knows, but will look for a festival to attend as well.

Thanks for sharing the review! Can't wait to see some of the finished Q!!
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Mossy, I got a favorite summer sausage to, but I won this en as a door prize, so I'll give it a whirl.

The wieners were really good, momma liked em, so picked up a seasonin packet an the casins.

Geez, I didn't ever hear how many folks was there, I'm guessin it was 30 er more though! Was a good turnout an the weather was nice. Hopin he has another one next year, we enjoyed it an he served lots (I do mean lots!) a samples! Didn't eat supper after that!
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Laurel, it's like a gatherin fer sausage folks! Was a good time an was really nice cause he had all his seasonins an alota equipment out an fer sale. Woulda liked to have bought more, but, can always order on line. Keith is a rite fine feller, good natured an does a nice seminar.
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My brother an I went to Keith's seminar last year when he did it for the first time and it was awesome. After leaving his seminar we were able to process all of our own deer last year and made a bunch of other sausage since then. We still haven't done the weiners yet, but might order the seasoning when we order our stuff this year. I left there last year with a load of stuff. I bought a really nice dehydrator used from him for a great price along with a used mixer like you bought at a great price. If you haven't tried his snack stick seasoning it is awesome if you mix in some high temp hot pepper cheese.
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I talked to keith last monday and he had 49 then and he was stopping at 50 so he did good there! There were people from wisconsin, minn and even nebraska!! Kool!!
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Cool Idea

I will keep looking for the next one. A weekend of learning sure beats a weekend of experimenting. I recently relized that I'm getting too old to not ask for help/advice.

Your never too old to learn something new, something from an oldtimer from days gone by, or something from a young person who has a different way of looking at things.
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Hey if yall got questions, ask em here, if ya don't wanna do that, send me a PM, I'll help ya if I can. I do mostly traditional type stuff, tryin ta make heads er tails a some a my grandpa's stuff.

Nothin wrong with askin questions!

I'd still go ta the seminar though, great times an a whole lotta samples!biggrin.gif
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Looks like a great haul Tip looks like your gonna have a lot of sausage fun coming up
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