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seasoning smoker

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I have a new Masterbuilt electric smoker. What is the best way to season it before I cook in it for the first time?
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My instructions said to cook it empty (no water) at 275 for 3 hours and add 1 cup of wood chips during last 45 minutes. Let cool, and then good to go.
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Thank You!
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don't forget to take a dilluted dish soap to the inside&outside to remove the MFG. oils that are still on it.than fire it up with a dry run.
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I say to just start a really hot fire and then I've heard spray it down with pam or bacon greese and then start a fire. But all you want to do is get the new off and the seasoning will be done.Smoke On.
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I agree with Bob that after washing the insides down with soap and water, to give the insides a good squirt of peanut oil or Pam, to get a nice coat started on the metal.
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Thanks Guys I have seasoned my new smoker this evening I am planning on trying a pork butt in it in the morning.
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Seasoning a new smoker

Good luck on your first smoke in it. What a coincidence, I blogged about seasoning new smokers last week.

An electrical smoker is a bit easier because no fire is needed, but same principals involved. How do Electric smokers hold up in winter? I have a buddy that has one that gets stuck at 200 degrees.
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Mine works fine but we don't get much below 30' in the winter, well maybe some times. The MES is insulated, that helps.
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