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Home made smoker trailer for a bicycle

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Hi all,
Been awhile since I last posted, but this is what Ive been up to...

Couldnt help but get interested in bicycles since I am the cook for this event http://www.midwestbicyclefest.com

Anyways, I ended up building a bike, and I had this crazy idea to combine the two hobbies, so I also built a small smoker made from old propane tanks, and then ended up building a trailer to pull the whole thing along with me. It really dont ride too bad, I had to add a 3 speed rear hub to help with pedaling on inclines, but one you get it rolling, its not too bad.

For the smoker itself I used a regular gas grill tank for the firebox, and a 40 or 50# tank for the smoke chamber. These were old tanks with the outdated valve, if you check with a propane dealer, he will probably have a few of these laying aorund, and you can usually get em for free with a little talking. I tried to copy some of the details of my Oklahoma Joe smoker for stuff like the hinges, and the way the doors are made.

For the firebox air vent, I wanted it to be different, so I made up a custom deal using an old Hurst shift handle, and made some linkage to control the amount that the firebox door opens.

Ive got it burned out, and havent really tried smoking anything serious with it yet, done some hot dogs just for fun, and it seems to work! I think its big enough to do a slab of spares, or even a small brisket or pork butt.
here's a few pics, enjoy!

Build pic...

Inside pic...

Finished pic...


With Bike...

Trailer is coupled to the bike with an old air fitting and some other junk...

Gotta have a cooler!
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I don't know what to say...
and points.gifwhat a neat idea!!!
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I love bike riding
an then I can take my other passie along with me
that's cool, I love itPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Way cool Okjsmoke. I love it!
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Now that is way too cool there OKj. Now you can be a traveling smoker salesman and smoke while you peddle your wares. points.giffor sure on the origanity of the whole rig for sure. The only thing here in Fla you can drink and drive that cooler is for cokes right?
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Definitely Different... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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yeah... um... Cokes, riiight! lol

thanks for the kind words guys.
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haha thats cool as hell would be great if you live in the keys or somewhere like that
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Ripley's believe it or not

Wow, only one question. Have you tried driving that rig downtown during lunch break with it in full smoke to see if you are good enough to outrun the suits?
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very cool.....!
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Pretty cool..........
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nice work there-that will turn some heads here at the (tour de tucson) next month.
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I so want to have one of these and live in a flat community - every road in this town is a hill - I cant even go anywhere in my neighborhood that is flat - LOL
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LOL I dont think I can peddle that fast!

But I did ride it in a parade last weekend, and I couldnt go 5 feet without everyone asking what was for lunch! Maybe next time I need to throw ABT's to the crowd??
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That's a slick deal.
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Points for uniqueness! points.gif
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As an avid cyclist, and now a newbie meat smoker, I have to say that that is one of the coolest things I have ever seen!
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Incredibly cool. Awesome job!

One question though. The wheel is awfully close to the firebox. Have you considered a built-in stand, with a quick release for the wheel to prevent tire damage? it would be a drag to have your tire melt during a smoke, and be stuck out in God-knows-where.
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In the three or so times I had it fired up... especially the first time when I got it over 500 degrees, the tire never really got hot enough. It is close, but I believe there is just enough space to keep it from melting things. I do have it pinned to the trailer though, pull five pins and its free.

I am also planning on switching the tires over to something that matches the bike, the ones on there now are 26 x 1-3/8 and Im building a set of wheels so I can use 26 x 2.125 tires. When I get those ready I might also look into spacing them a little farther from the firebox too.
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Double Build Looks Great!

My oh my ... now I gotta really get a welder and get hpoppin on my build! this rollin bike smoker takes the cake! .. I thought cruvin on my kona UTE with a lil' weber gas griller was cool.. I have to give you both SMOKER build and Bike BUILD POINTS!!!

THIS IS THE most rockin project I've seen since BBQ eng's build.. and that was TOTALly different!


ROCK on !!!!

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