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GOSM thermometer

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I got a GOSM with a stock thermometer on the door of the smoker that is way off.... about 50* to high. Is there any way to calibrate or do I need to get a new thermometer.

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just get yourself a nice remote thermo like a maverick et-75 or the likes
most of the thermos that are on the GOSMs dont work right.
mines the same way and I just use my remote
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I too have a Gosm and the thermo meter is really off also. I just use one of my extra thermometers in the box and smoke on. But it would be a good idea to change it but it now on the backup shelf after the new purchase of my vault 24". The thermo meter on it's door seems to be reading right for now but who knows. It would seem if they can make a thermo meter accurite to put inside the door why cann't they make one to mount in the door. Go figure
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It's easy...

Pull off the little jam nuts on the back. Remove the thermometer. Loosen the lock nut, I think it is 10mm. Test it in boiling water or with ice and make the adjustment. Tighten the lock nut. Reinstall using the same jam nuts. You will be amazed how close it will be when you check it with a remote.
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Using the remote thermometer

I have a Oregon Scientific remote thermo but it heats up too quickly. I bury the thermo into the meat but the curved in is exposed and seems to heat up too quickly.

Any suggestions?
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Thats exactly the answer I was looking for. I thought you should be able to calibrate it. Thanks for the Input!
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