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Applying rub

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Just curious how everyone does this. It seems that I get more on my hands than the ribs/butts some of the time. Any tips?
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Some people apply a base slather of mustard and then just sprinkle to apply the rub. Something happens with the mustard as it cooks, and you can't taste it in the final product. I don't usually use mustard, however.

One thing that I have found is that if you use some gloves (nitrile or latex exam gloves), less of it sticks to those and you end up with more on the meat.
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I just sprinkle on the meat.... pat it a little while it's still not wet then I flip the meat over and do the other side. Then flip it back again, the side that was down is usually all soaked in by now. I do all this on a big sheet of butcher paper that I now just wrap the meat up in and head to the smoker.... I end up with very little on my hands.
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I guess I just like to get messy I don't use any gloves. Maybe thats why I had to build me a kitchen outside where it can be hosed off. I like to just pour rub on the meat pretty librally and just simplely rub it in and yes I do get alot on my hands, floor, table but I do seem to get some on the meat as well. After all they do stay up nights making that stuff.
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I simply put the rub on, liberally of course, then rub it in some. It's a bit messy but I don't mind.
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Thanks for the pointers folks, I'm probably just being too picky but it seems like I waste a lot of rub washing it off my hands and down the drain!
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I finally found some gloves large enough to fit my hands (Rexall drug) and they are great, especially handling Jalapeno peppers and bacon. The butcher paper is a great tool also.icon_cool.gif
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My son loves ribs. I don't get anything on MY hands.
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that is olzo my way of working
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i do it in the sink.........
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I use a cutting board over the sink - just sprinkle well and rub - instant clean up at the sink - works well for me
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I put mine on in an aluminum pan. May be the seasonings I use but if I actually rub it in, very little is left in the pan or on my hands.
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I use gloves when handling meats and rubs. Every get a spicy rub on your hand and accidentally rub your eye? Once you do, you'll switch to gloves too.

I find that if you pat the meat dry before rubbing, it works out better as well.
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I get my meat good and dry and give it a coating of olive oil, after that I wash my hand with the oil off and make sure to fully dry my hands, then sprinkle on the rub with my right hand and after a good coating I press is in with my left, works great for me.
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