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Good place to get a Big Block GOSM?

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Bass Pro shows that both GOSM sizes are unavailable.

Are there any other vendors that sell them?
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Walmart has them, Not sure if they carry both sizes but they do have the 3405GW...
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If you're not married to the idea of that particular brand name and you have a Lowe's close to you, you could look for the Perfect Flame vertical gasser. If you can find one in stock (online it says stores don't stock it, but mine had two) they are clearing them out at $119. I got my local Lowe's to match the price on the smaller GOSM ($108), which may not be that hard to do if they're closing them out.
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I got mine at wally world so try to just google Gosm and you should find someone who has them. Idii that and there were about 10 that came up so go for it.
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From what I have seen, Walmart, Lowes and the like have the narrow vertical smoker which is what I already have.

I would like to get one that is wide enough to take an 18 lb packer without having to cut the point from the flat.
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Veteran Discount

In case you guys don't know it, if you are a Veteran, you can get an additional 10% off at Lowes & Home Depot. Here in PA, I just show them a copy of my DD214, and they take 10% off.
They don't say, "Hey are you a veteran?"
You have to say, "I get a 10% veteran's discount, while showing your DD214".

Might as well use it----We earned it !


PS: And you thought I went to 'Nam because I was a patriot----I went there for my discounts-----You gotta plan ahead !
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Bass Pro

I was in the same situation. Finally about the pull the trigger and they were gone from the website. Turns out they still have them/carry them. If you call them they still have the BB in stock, it just doesn't show up on the website. The product number is 21 688 773 12. You can call 1 800 227 7776 to place the order. I actually just had my dad pick one up from the bass pro near him since there isn't one near me.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the info.........

Looks like the GOSM as a product is now a collectible item since they are no longer being made.
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The GOSM Smokers are now made by Landmann. Bass Pro carrys the BB model for $199.99

Here is the link...
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Is this the same as the unit form Walmart?
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I just ordered one online from Walmart

I belive this is the 43" Big Box $125 after tax and shipping
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That one is the regular GOSM (check the dimensions - only 21" wide)......not the Big Block (which is 24" wide).

Now....the one that Beer-B-Q posted......that is a Big Block.
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