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Some Smoked Beef Stroganoff

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Air dried this rump for 5 days in fridge and smoked with olive wood at 250 degree 9 days ago.Had enough leftover for a quickie stroganoff.

Hack job on cutting.but i smashed/cut finger sharpening shredder blades.All better now!

Beef gravy.Rendered some fat out of rump fat.

I grew everything but the mushrooms on cutting board.

Lettuce(for salad),peppers,tomatoes,peas,chives,tyme.

Fat rendered out of rump.Added onion and mushrooms with sherry.The mushrooms absorb sherry like a paper towel.

Cooked down a little and added flour to thicken.Then can of beef broth!

Here is the leftover rump with fresh chives on left.

Had to put some of my snow peas in.

Added beef,egg noodles and of course sour cream and mixed.

Made a quick salad

smoked beef stroganoff with salad

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Excellent pics, and props for growing practically all the veggies used in the recipe. Really nice looking dish. I think the step-by-step process is awesome!
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Absolutely beautiful! Love the color and fresh veggies...I want to come and eat at your house!

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Hey Alex,

That is some wonderful looking stroganoff you made! Talk about some best comfort-food for this time of year, you hit this one head on. Excellent play-by-play on the reciep and I am sure that with your noodles it was fantastic. (Gots to make them this weekend).

Good deal on the sparagoose side too.....A-plus!

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I really like using left over smoked brisket for Stroganoff...Its dffinantly different but mine never looks as good as yours...Man That really looks good
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That looks great Alex, love the look of the rump...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Now that looks great. Nice job...
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Great looking stroganoff! That's what I had tonight also, but mine was elk burger mixed with Campbell's boxed mix. Not bad but I'd rather have had yours.biggrin.gif
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Man, that is a meal fit for a King!! And using all of your own ingredients must double your satisfaction with the meal. Fantastic!!

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Thanks everyone.My mom taught me how to garden(from her parents,parents etc.) and scratch cooking is the best.

If they quarantine the country with swine flu-i am readyPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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i did this with leftover brisket and it came out great......nice job alex!
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WOWis all that can be said for that meal for sure. You have a really green thumb to go with all the good smoking too. I like the vegis and that salad looks nice all bright in color and freshness. You cann't beat food from scatch it just taste better to us here. I grow some herbs and I haven't killed them yet so I'm good with thats. We made some homemade spagetti sauce using only fresh herbs and it was great so we make it more often now. I really like that stoganoff with left-over beef and it really does go great for this chilling off time of year too. Great job and points.giffor sure on preperation.
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