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How often do you add more chips/chunks? - Page 2

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Those are the first pictures I've seen of the Big Block since Landmann took over...
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Hey Bernie,

Good looking grub, glad to see you didn't give up!

I installed a 4" therm and the first time I cooked with it the temps were crazy, I had impaled a piece of chicken, so now I just make certain there isn't anything in the way. I don't know if it's correct or not, but I figured a 2" stem might be too close to the door and not protude far enough into the cooking chamber. I learned that from putting a short therm on the side of my WSM and it always reads 10°-15° hotter than my grate therm.

In my BBQ books they reccommend marinading times of 4-6 hours, if you used a Asian marinade then you might have used soy sauce and that is potent stuff, I've marinaded overnight and the food was almost inedible, I now use light soy sauce in the marinades that call for it.

Looks like you've got plenty of smoke, what's it look like coming out of the top vent? Is it rolling or like boiling out, mine had 1/8" gaps where the top joined to the sides so I filled them with high heat silicone and my door leaks a little at the top, you might try closing the top vent down a little to keep the smoke in the chamber a little longer, did you use a little lump charcoal with the cherry? Also, when mine was new I didn't get much of a smoke ring, but now since it is well seasoned the smoke ring is there.

Enjoy your smokes,

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The tabs are there for a reason. If the fire goes out and the gas keeps running, it will build up and potentially expload. The unit was probably designed to run with this in mind.
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Brinkmann's new propane SNP looks just like that Landmann except the door hinges are reversed, and the top vent has a heavy duty trivet on top, looks like you can place a pot up top to take advantage of exhaust heat.
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I have to laugh at myself on this post, I was reading the title and thought it said, "How Often Do You Add More CHIPMUNKS" I looked at the OP to see if Oneshot was at it again then noticed it said "How Often Do You Add More Chips/Chunks". LOL I guess it is time for bed... icon_mrgreen.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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How far is your wood box from the burner. I had this same problem and had to modify my rack that my wood box sits on..... I got my wood box about 1.5"s - 2"s from the top of the burner. On low, I got smoke in about 20 mins or so.

Maybe lowering the wood box will allow you to have smoke sooner and you wont have to crank up the heat so you can get the wood to start smoking.

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Take a screw out of one of the side handles; you'll have a nice little hole to feed the thermometer in. Works better than pinching it in the door.
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Now that's funny!! tongue.gif
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