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Chipotle Pastrami with Pastrami Burnt Ends?!?!

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Yes you read right, pastrami burnt ends are in the works, will they be good?
I have no idea but I have to find out.
This is my first current running smoke, normally I finish the full smoke and then do the post but with the experimentation aspect of the pastrami burnt ends I figured I would post as things went along.

Started to cure a 10# packer 10 or 11 days ago, followed my standard pastrami cure technique...

Except I added some powdered twice smoked chipotle to the injection and cure.

So fast forward to today, finally a beautiful day to smoke...

I pull the corned beef (not pastrami until it gets some smoke) out of the vacuum seal bag which I turned and massaged at least twice a day. Rinsed it off and gave it a soak for about 5 hours.

My terrible trim job tongue.gif

For the main rub I toasted some coriander, CBP, and chipotle powder. Also added some granulated garlic.

On the smoker, about a steady 275 over oak and hickory, spritzed with fresh local apple cider every hour after the first hour

At just over 5 hours now flowing with some beautiful smoke

Also decided to throw on some ABTs while it cooks, Sister's family was going to Taco Bell so I had her grab me a beef and a bean burrito and mixed some of their filling with cream cheese, chipotle rub and sauce, wrapped in maple bacon.

About another 1 1/2 hours on them, pastrami, haven't even probed it yet since it hasn't been in for that long, will probably bring to 170ish, remove the point, back into the smoker for a few hours then make a sauce to coat them in.
Going to try some with a wasabi sauce, some with sweet chipotle mustard and a thrid bit for something else, not sure what yet.
Got some habanero pepper cheese for the sliced pastrami sammies though PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Will update as things progress, wish me luck with the pastrami burnt ends.
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Looks good, what time is dinner?

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looks like a good start!!!!!!
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Man that looks great.....i love some good pastrami
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Damn that Pastrami looks good...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Finally someone found a way to make Taco Bell palatable...icon_mrgreen.gif

Nice ABTs...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Can't wait to see how this one turns out...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Fire you always have such great action shots...I could swear that the pepper is in mid air and you snapped the I right?
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Looking great!!!! If that is your land in back of that picture we should put a gathering together!!!!

Staying Tuned.
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How do you get on thats guess list at your house there Dave. That some really fine looking pastrami and Abt's are alitle differant for sure with taco bell stuffing.
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Alex, yes that is the back part of our land that includes a bunch of the woods. Discussed that one time with Dawn I believe about a get together since I have all family living on the land so nobody would complaining about smoke or music, would be nice one day.

Sitting at 160 right now, in a bit of a stall...

ABTs off, the beef ones were pretty good, the bean ones were just ok.
5 bean on left 5 meat on right....

Also tossed on some chipotles for a double smoke and some mini habaneros and scotch bonnets for a smoked hot salsa, habaneros are white habaneros and should have gotten bigger but putting them out late and lack of good heat this year really stunted them.
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Looks awesome.Definetly next year we should do a get together.
Maybe wait until gardens are in full swing and have a meat and veggie feast!!!!!
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Very interesting.......I just started thinking about curing one for pastrami and a loin for canadian bacon. Got the loin covered, but need to get some more brisky.

Hopefully the flat won't get dry/tough for the burnt ends. The smoker load looks damn good so far!

Let us know how it comes out.

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I was about to bump this thread JIM.Looks excellent to me.

Very intersting concept as well.You have fallen hard for the burnt ends EH! I love em too!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You killin me here Fire It Up. Always great looking food. So how did they taste? Which was your favorite?
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Man, I'm now sure how I missed this when it was first posted but now I'm glad I got to see the finale!

I got nothing to say but "Wow"!

oh and points.giffor such a kick butt smoke and for trying something new. Great job outta you.
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Yum Yum, I can just about taste em.
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Very nice post Jim, and congratulations on yet another magnificent smoke. You sure tackle the hard ones and make them not only look easy to do, but looking like they came off any 5-Star BBQ restaurant downtown, big-city South!

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My desk at work is now covered in a layer of drool! Great job!
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