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My first chuck roast...

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Yesterday I smoked my first chuck pot roast and received a unanimous thumbs-up (licked clean) from the whole family. I wanted to thank "The Dude" for his "Chuckies for Dummies" guidance - I very much appreciated it.

Started by pulling my 5 1/2lb chuck pot roast out of the fridge at 6:45am to let it get to room temperature.

I then rubbed it with EVOO and a generous dusting of Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Then, off to the smoker (Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain) at 7:55am, which was up to temperature (230 deg). I went easy on the wood chips and only had smoke for the first couple hours.

Here is a photo about 2.5 hour into cooking. I just opened it up for a Qview opportunity. I let the roast get to 165 deg (this happened around 2:00pm) and then I wrapped it in foil and back into the smoker.

Yesterday happened to be a very rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest (surprised?) but during one of the rain breaks I took this shot out beyond the smoker in the backyard. I really enjoy fall colors...

I finally pulled the wrapped Chuck roast from the smoker at 5:00pm when it was showing just a hair over 200 deg and put in a cooler to set. At 6:20 (as a result of extreme pressure from the family - my boys were hungry) I took it out of the cooler, unwrapped it and pulled half of it. Funny, the family was drawn to the wonderful aromal like moths to a light.

My first Chuck roast was a success - glad I bought a few of them when they were on sale!
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looks great and congrats on your first.........and beautiful colors!
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Great job on your first chuckster, looks really good!!!!tongue.gifpoints.gif
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Looks great Ron!
Congrats on such a successful and delicious looking smoke. Glad all enjoyed it, nothing like a delicious shredded chuckie.
points.giffor a job well done.
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Looks really good. Chucks are some of my fav to do...And Dude is always willing to help...points.gif
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That's because The Dude Abides...
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Now thats a great looking chuck there Ron. points.giffor sure on your first of many chuckies to come. Now you know why we all here love to caught those things on sale and load up.
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Congratulations and points.giffor your first chuckie. From the looks of the comments from your family it was a very successful first run. Glad I could I help. We'll be looking forward to your next run since you stocked up.

If you're up for it, on the next one, maybe let that smoke run thin and blue up to the point where you foil and see how you like it that way. You'll get better smoke penetration. I can't remember, what wood did you use on this one?

But it sure looks delicious. Made a sandwich tonight with some of my frozen stash. Trees look nice too. I've got 2 red maples in my backyard and one in the front that were bright red a few days ago, now they're dropping leaves like crazy.
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Nice job Ron. Great looking chuckie...
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Nice job Ron, Looks great.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You're hooked now! It took me forever to try a chuckie, but now it's my favorite meat to do.
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