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Pulling Pork

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My 11 pound shoulder went about 16 hours yesterday and finished up in the oven at 1 am. I didn't pull it- instead I put it in the fridge. I would like to pull it today. Should I reheat it to pull it, or can I pull it cold? I don't want to dry it out.
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I've never pulled a cold one, so I don't know. I can't imagine it pulling easily when cold. I'd reheat in oven while it is wrapped in foil.

In the future, when your meat is close to the desired temp, pull it out, wrap it in foil and then wrap it in a thick towel and place in an empty cooler and keep the top shut. It'll hold for many hours and maintain a safe temperature. You can then pull it after you have napped or when you need it or have the time.
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I always warm it back up and then pull it.
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As bmudd said, warm it back up and then pull it. You don't want to deal with trying to pull it while cold.
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Heat that puppy back up in the oven wrapped in a little foil and some liquid (Apple Juice etc)
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I hope that you left it in the foil way you put in the refrig. Just like everyone here said re-heat it then pull it. Next time just foil it heavy and throw it in a cooler with some towels and it will be fine for a few hours so you could get some sleep. I have left them in the cooler for up to 5-6 hours and they still sre hot inside.
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I've pulled cold the next day before...not fun. Lots of work.
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I did that last week. I had a late sunday night and couldn't pull it until after work Monday. it was a little more difficult to get some of the fatt off the pork and some of the membrane stuff. BUT it was one of my finer PP to date. go figure.
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Thats exactly what i said, lol.

Allowing the meat to sit wrapped will allow the juices to evenly distribute anyways. I have left my shoulders and butts wrapped in a cooler for 8 hours before and they were still too hot to pull by hand and had to cool.

Unless you have volunteers to hand pull for you, the cooler method rocks!
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