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How many ribs can I fit in a GOSM Big Block

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i'm doing 18 full racks of baby back ribs and was wondering how many racks i could fit into a GOSM Big Block and what accesories I would need to do so?

It's completely stock with only 4 racks in it at the moment and I don't own any rib racks...
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Not sure exactly!
I have had success using bamboo skewers to hold the ribs in a vertical position. The ribs will be vertical not the rack of ribs. Stack them on the rack then skewer them. Use the skewer horizontally to hold the ribs vertical with 2 inches between racks. You can load each rack out of the GOSM then slide them in. If you super load, you may have to rotate shelves to maintain an even cook?
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I have a Gosm small block and I can only get 3 racks on mine for that i dont have a rib rack and I really don't like them anyway. But now I have a smoke vault 24" and I think I could get about 10-12 in it pretty easiely.
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Laying down flat, you should be able to fit 3 slabs per shelf in your big block. That would allow cooking 12 at a time, but would probably need to rotate shelves for even cooking. If using a rib rack or skewers, you would be eliminating shelves because you would need to have more space up and down between the shelves. I have never done this before but guess it would work ok. I would probably just do two different groups the same day, going with 9 racks at a time and plan on spending 10 hrs or so cooking it all.
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I have a BigBlock and 5 shelves. I did 14 racks (beef) yesterday and had room for 4 more. So, you might be ok with 18 racks IF YOU BUY ONE MORE SHELF.
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sweet!!! thanks everyone :) any suggetions on how often i should rotate if i decide to pop all 18 ribs in there? im thinking once every hour?
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If it were me, I would probably swap the top with the bottom at foil time only. If 4 shelves, I would swap 1 to 4 and 2 to 3, if 5 shelves I wouldn't move 3 and do 1 to 5 and 2 to 4.
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rib stack

you could always stand them up in a pyramid style like this/\/\/\/\/\/\ works in a pinch
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