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UDS question

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I have a UDS but the question pertains to adding a thermometer on the side. Im looking for a high temp grommet so i can drill a hole into the side just below the grates. Does anyone have a clue what to use, or where to source one?

I can draw pictures if this doesnt make any sense
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This is an installation kit for Tel Tru thermos.
Hope this helps?
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almost exactly what i was looking for. Thanks, it gives me another idea.

I was almost hoping there was something for the probe of a digital thermometer. This way i can have it BEEP at me while im drinking beer and playing video games if the temps get too high:)

I might go this route though since it looks easier.

Again, thank you
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Just drill a hole large enough to pass the probe through, stick the probe through a block of wood or a potato and place it on the grate. Just make sure the hole is burr free so it doesn't tear up the cable. I've been using mine that way for almost a year now.

No need for a high temp grommet, but I suppose you can use one if you want.

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This is what I used. It's a watertight fittin available in the electrical department a most done it to yerself stores. Couple a bucks. Works great.
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I saw that but was unsure of the temp rating. Thanks for the help guys.
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